April Fools’ Day Pranks in Travel

April Fools’ Day Pranks in Travel
April Fools' Day Pranks in Travel-grumpy cat
Since it’s April Fools’ Day, we are here to gather several travel related stories and jokes which are indeed real, no just kidding. They are in fact a joke. Did you get it this time? Well, what we mean was, we gathered some jokes and prankd (related to travelling) of people for the sole purpose of providing you yet another fooling April Fools’ Day article.

April Fools' Day Pranks in Travel-WestJet Furry FamilyWestJet

The airline company surprised everyone when they announced their “Furry Family” program. This new regulation allows all types of animals on board their planes. That advert went viral on YouTube because it was totally insane. WestJet’s VP of Communications even said, “We will no longer be requiring animals to be kept in the kennels while they’re travelling with us. After all, they’re part of the family.” Customers were relieved when they found out that it was just a joke. I’m sure you wouldn’t want something crawling beside you, right?


The travel company is really living up to its name because people had a chance to experience an out-of-this-world adventure with Orbitz’s April Fools’ Day offering. Their two-day promotion included trips to the past and the future, including Egypt in 2540 BCE and the Moon in 3013. Written below their ad was: “Fictional hotels in the past or future are subject to the creation of an actual time machine.”  Maybe you should contact Marty McFly and Doc to really take you to any year you want.


April Fools' Day Pranks in Travel-Exodus Bare Essentials
The activity travel company had promoted “Bare essentials” adventures for naked travellers, promised “exciting new packages” with names such as “Commando in Columbia”, to reflect a “growing trend for people to travel light.”

Extras on the trips included SPF 50 sunscreen, hygienic seat covers on cycling itineraries and wet wipes.


Another travel site opened bookings for a new Top Secret, art deco-style hotel, which has “direct Thames access” and “is so hush-hush, guests wishing to stay in its rooms are required to sign the Official Secrets Act prior to check-in.”

April Fools' Day Pranks in Travel-BMW Tianna MarshBMW

And just so happen if you didn’t know, that a joke was turned into reality. There’s no real harm in trying when the only person who tried to claim a joke promotion, Ms. Tianna Marsh, turned up at the BMW dealership after believing the ad and guess what happened after? She was actually given a FREE Black BMW 1 Series which worth NZ$50,000 (35,000 USD).

Improv Everywhere

April Fools' Day Pranks in Travel-Improv Everywhere Time MachineAnd the (time) travelling story goes to Improv Everywhere, they had really caused scenes everywhere. How did the story go? Once upon a time on a subway ride in New York, David, a man steps in and passes a hat to ask for financial help to fund his project time machine. He actually said “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to disturb your evening commute, but I’m here to ask for some money. I’ve invented a time machine, and I just need the funding to help complete it”.

This is where the stories get interesting, at the next train stop a bearded man interrupts him and claims to be his future self saying “Please do not give this man any money. I’m from the future, and I can tell you that it is bleak”. What made it more exciting is when some future versions of the riders soon followed the future version of the man, imploring themselves to get their money back because present David “is gonna destroy the world in the process” of building the time machine.

In the end, they let their jig up. Apparently, twins were just recruited to take part in this elaborate scene.

Many people dread this day because they fear that they will become a victim of a bad joke. Who wants to get fooled, right? Happy April Fools’ Day. Please be cautious of your booking today with the mentioned travel companies above, you might not know. It might be another hoax!


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  1. I’ll never forget my own version of April Fools’ Day but this prank from them really caught my attention. Oh yes, just to let you know I almost believed on WestJet’s. But the BMW was so envious, like I really wished I was the one after seeing the whole story. Thanks for the fun and educational articles. Keep them coming


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