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Asiana Airlines Reviews-aircraftAsiana Airlines Reviews

The country known for crime reenactment, where males wear makeup and for their advanced education in technology by its government project “R-Learning”. The country where the biggest church is located? Still not familiar? How about this: a group of men dancing while saying “Sorry, sorry” or “Fantastic Baby.” If this still doesn’t give you a hint about what country we are referring to, then “kimchi” I guess must be the overused word to refer to the country of South Korea. Join me as we talk about their airline in this review, Asiana Airlines.

In The Beginning…
Initially known as “Seoul Air International”, it was established in 1988 by Asiana Group. The airline’s first inaugural flight was flying a Boeing 737 Classic route to Busan and Gwangju in December 1988 and operating the first presidential airline in 1998. There was not much information back to the origins of the airline, but Asiana Airlines grew its fleet today with 84 Airbus and Boeing catering over 100 destinations internationally, this growth of the network was due to the membership of the airline with the Star Alliance in 2003.

Asiana Airlines Reviews-Kim Soo-Cheon
Kim Soo-Cheon

Asiana Airlines is headquartered in Asiana Town and main hubs are found at Seoul Gimpo and Seoul Incheon International Airport. They’re being led by their current CEO, Kim Soo-Cheon. The 57-year old Korean executive is also the CEO of the budget carrier Air Busan. He made a major contribution after the incident happened in 2013, wherein he strengthened the airlines’ pilot training and even hired a veteran Japanese pilot from All Nippon Airways as their head of safety.

What was behind the incident? The Flight 214 of Asiana Airline on July 6, 2013, crashed shortly after landing on the runway having 3 fatalities. The incident was believed to be the pilot’s confusion and mismanagement. The US Department of Transportation had even fined Asiana Airlines for $500,000.

Asiana Airlines Reviews and Services
Based on several Asiana Airlines reviews, the airline was known for their generosity on-board. Passengers are satisfied with their inflight experience with Asiana Airlines, regardless what cabin class they flew, because the airline provides fair treatment for all designated cabin classes. Even the Economy Class passengers are served with wine when requested. Business Class travelers have an additional variety of tea, while First Class travelers can enjoy the environmental coffee.

When it comes to meals, the food doesn’t look like just a complimentary meal. Imagine if the airline’s Economy Class doesn’t feel degraded, what more with their Business and First Class? To learn more about their inflight services, click here.

Official Website and Mobile app
Asiana Airlines Reviews-mobile-appHowever, their official site doesn’t look as convincing as other major airlines. Maybe it’s because of the choice of color. But I think it’s because of the layout which is not modernized and consists of small fonts, sometimes unreadable. There were often times that I was browsing the page and it doesn’t load or it takes forever before it opens one tab to another.

On a positive note, customers can book, check and manage their flights online. The option to access the Asiana Club program is also located on the official site. All of these features are also available on the Mobile version of Asiana Airlines at the App Store and Google Play Store.
Asiana Airlines Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact Number:               +82 2 2669 8000
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +82 2 2669 5360
  • Head Office Address:        Asiana Town, PO Box 98, No 47 Osae-Dong, Gangseo-gu,
                                                   Seoul, 157-713, South Korea

Asiana Airlines Reviews-conclusionIn The End.
According to Asiana Airlines reviews, the airline is the second largest airline in South Korea (next to Korean Air), but was listed as part of the World’s Top 100 Airlines in 2015 being on the 11th rank (while Korean Air was at 38th). Then it means, it’s not all about size or quantity. It’s all about quality of service not just on board, but also before boarding. Business is about people, if you want to excel in your selected industry, the first rule is “Customer is always right.”


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  1. One of the best in-the-air services I’ve been provided with. I asked the flight attendant for an extra sheet of blanket and she brought me back the blanket and a chocolate – apologizing for her late return when all she took was 5 minutes. The short flight from Korea to Japan had meals offered (unlike some other airlines I’ve taken) and it was delicious. Flight crew was very kind and helpful.


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