Awesome Video Arcades around the World

Video games are a big part of our life. The evolution and innovation in this industry has been tremendous throughout the years, the options, graphics, settings and controls have changed overtime.

Most gamers these days probably use platforms like Pc, Xbox, Playstation or Wii for the latest games.

If you’re really a hardcore gamer and you don’t care about graphics, then read this list of the best video arcades scattered across the world.

Twin Galaxies

Ottumwa, Iowa is the video game capital of the world and is the home of Twin Galaxies. One of the veterans in the gaming industry. Twin Galaxies started out in 1981 in Iowa and continued to become an empire that caters to a different generation of games. The arcade includes games for Atari, GameBoy, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox and almost every gaming console in the world. One cool feature about Twin Galaxies is that they keep a record of scores and rankings to recognize the best gamers for each game. Gaming Legacy indeed.



That’s right, a combination of a bar and an arcade, barcade, brilliant. This is the perfect spot for gamers who play better game when they’re drunk. Barcade located in Williamsburg, New York city offers vintage video games and good-quality beer. The atmosphere of the bar helps the gamers perform better because of the interaction and probably because they want to show off.


There is also a Barcade in Brooklyn with the same theme and level of awesomeness.


A very simple name for the Largest Arcade in the World. Located founded in 1952 in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, Funspot has over 500 arcade games that includes most of the classics like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede and more, talk about retro. If you want to learn more about these games you should watch the movie Pixels.

Some gamers online say that Funspot is the saviour of vintage games and is a mecca of video arcades. Funspot is also recognized as the “Greatest Arcade in the World.”


Club Sega

A must-visited arcade for real gamers. Club Sega is based in Akibahara, Tokyo which is well-known for its game scene and franchise. Other than classic video games, this arcade has simulator games, gambling and cranes. This is truly a place for gaming aficionados and beginners.



Famous for their bump cars and indoor roller coasters, Joypolis is a mixture of an arcade and a theme park in Tokyo, Japan. After the fun with the rides, make your way to the gaming room and play some of the best car racing simulator games in the world.


HOG (Heart of Gaming)

Late night gaming in London, it doesn’t get any better than this. The arcade allows late night gaming, just make sure to tell your parents or they might come looking for you and spoil your fun. The most played game over there is street fighter, so if any players are looking for experts in street fighter, you know where to go.



A great place for beginners to harness their skills and beat the rest for the ultimate bragging rights. This great gaming establishment stands in Melbourne, Australia.   Timeout actually encourages gamers to bring their family and interact with each other, you can say that this place is a vacation spot for people who want to play video games. It is said that the Dance, Dance revolution game here can get pretty intense.


Sega Republic in Dubai

This indoor theme park mainly appeals to children who are fond of rides and playing different kinds of games. One feature that attracts more people is the interior design of the entire area with video game characters.


Anata no Warehouse

This is one peculiar gaming spot in Kawasaki, Japan. Most arcades around the world have a cool and innovative architecture design. Anata tends to go a different direction. Anata’s architecture concept inside and out is inspired by a twisted mind that shouts terror and nightmares. The gaming room is designed with a creepy interior that makes you feel like you’re in danger. Despite the unusual concept, gamers are still coming to experience something new. If you’re easily scared, you probably shouldn’t go here.


Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Imagine a junk shop of really old metals with a hint of video gaming. This Museum located in Farmington Hills, Michigan is filled with man-made mechanical masterpieces to amaze their customers and at the same time encourage them to play some games. This place named one of the most unusual museums in the world, unusual isn’t always bad, sometimes it’s genius.


Travel the world and experience all of the possible gaming opportunities you can. Why not start with this list then overtime explore the world of gaming more.

For more awesome arcades, submit them through commenting below. Travel wide, Play hard.


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