Azerbaijan Airlines Reviews

Azerbaijan Airlines Reviews

Azerbaijan Airlines Reviews-Jahangir Askerov
Jahangir Askerov

On October 20th, 1910 the first plane flew over Baku with a French biplane Farman-4 piloted by Sergey Utochkin. Thirteen years after that inaugural flight, Caucasus Joint Stock Company of Civil Aviation (ZAKAVIA) started the new air transport in Azerbaijan with conducted aerial surveys and carriers of goods.

It was in 1926 when the airline began its first regular flights. In 1990, the country decided to start their flag carrier with an independent air fleet. From then on, the Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) was established on August 17th, 1992 with Vagif Sadykhly as its first president (The current president of AZAL is Jahangir Askerov). Azerbaijan Airlines has a fleet size of 32, composed mainly of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer airplanes, that serve 53 destinations worldwide. The airline’s main hub is located at Baku-Heydar Aliyev International Airport and it’s not a member of any major three airline alliance.

Flying with Azerbaijan Airlines

pageThe airline caters two kinds of services: there are Economy and Business Class. Economy class customers get to be served with a hot or cold breakfast, two hot dishes, mid-flight snacks, and a variety of juices or sodas throughout the flight. On the other hand, business class customers get spacious cabin space and are served with three freshly-prepared international dishes and a variety of beverages.Azerbaijan Airlines Reviews-mobile app

Seatback AVOD (audio/video on demand) is the airline’s on board entertainment where travelers can listen to a selection of the latest movies, documentaries, TV shows, and games. Newspapers on board are also offered.

AZAL Miles is the “frequent flyer” of  Azerbaijan Airlines, which allows customers to earn “Travel Points” whenever they fly with the airline. Points can be redeemed for airline services, discounted flights, and upgrades of loyalty membership.

The Official Website and Mobile App

The official website features a calm and cozy mood through a mixture of white and blue shades. The choice of background images on the homepage present the airline’s aircraft, destinations, and tourism packages. The option to change the language on the website is located at the top right of the page. Travelers can change the language to Russian, English, and Azerbaijani.
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The main features of the official website allow customers to directly log in to their AZAL Miles account, search or book for flights, reserve hotels, and rent cars. Some of the functions allow customers to check-in online, know the airline’s policies, and check the inflight services.

The mobile app of Azerbaijan Airlines is designed for customers under the program AZAL Miles. This lets them track their AZAL activity, plan fee flights and membership usage, and check their balance. Members can also edit their profile using this app by logging-in their credentials. It was said that the app will be making further upgrades this year to improve their mobile services.

Azerbaijan Airlines Reviews of Customers

Azerbaijan Airlines gets a lot of positive comments and recommendations from their loyal and faithful customers. One reviewer said they “took the option of Azerbaijan Airlines’ basic business class which gives a good seat, reclining rather than lay flat, plenty of space, excellent food and drink service. Azerbaijan Airlines Boeing 787’s have only been in service this year, and are very comfortable. The staff are attentive and helpful.”
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             +994 12 598 88 80
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                    +994 12 437 40 87
  • Head Office Address:      84, Nizami Street, AZ-1010 Baku, Azearbajian


With all the Azerbaijan Airlines reviews online, the airline has really proven itself as one of the trailblazers in the industry. Although, they might not have the unique style of service other airlines have, they still manage to maintain not only enough prestige but also an excellent quality of service. Maybe, in time, they may want to try something new if they want to push results from the various flight reviews even further.

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  1. If travelling business ask to be checked into row 1 or 2 – rows 3 onwards are sometimes used for business class but have ordinary economy seats. Generous bar large dinner with typically Azerbaijan cuisine. Cheerful attentive flight attendants. The reverse journey (LHR-GYD) is overnight.


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