Beaches in Canada

Situated along the Arctic Circle, Canada chiefly experiences a cold climate most of the time in a year. Travelers argue that the country isn’t an ideal summer destination. Well, they are wrong.

Travelers can still experience a great summer vacation in the Great White North, you just have to know where to go.

Summer in Canada starts in probably the third or fourth week of June until early September. With that, here are some of the best beaches and resorts in the country.

Introducing the Beaches of Canada

Long Beach in British Columbia

1097306956_ea3064b545This beach is the largest in Vancouver and it is located at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Long beach has been a hotspot for vacationers and surfers. The ambiance of the beach is very calm despite the big waves rolling towards the shore. If you’re lucky, you might witness the great migration of the grey whales.


Singing Sand in Prince Edward Islands

1455867Although the sand isn’t actually singing, it creates a minute swishing sound the moment a person walks on it. The mysterious sound is akin to a whistle. The sea water at the beach is perfectly warm and suitable for tourism who just love to languish at the open expanse of the sea.

The highlight of this beach is still the mystifying sound generated by people stepping on the sand; don’t worry though, the natural phenomenon isn’t associated with paranormal activity or the presence of malevolent aquatic creatures.

Grand Beach in Manitoba

beach-live-eyeIt’s a great beach for the entire family, even grandpa and grandma would surely love it. The Grand Beach would be a great primer to the summer vacation, because of all the activities people can engage in. Other than swimming, visitors can go fishing, strolling, surfing, and boarding. Bird watching is also a highlight on this beach, because the endangered piping plover that still takes refuge in the area. There are also sport facilities nearby.

Parlee Beach in New Brunswick

1455869If you like or love building sandcastles on the beach, then you should really consider going to Parlee Beach. The tourism management launched beach volleyball competitions for everyone wanting to join. Parlee beach has one of the warmest sea waters in the world. The beach has its own playground, campground, picnic area, restaurant, and canteen.

Wasaga Beach in Ontario

full_1336501155It’s the longest freshwater beach in the world. For everyone who has inhibitions on taking a dip in saltwater, visit Wasaga. The clear blue water of Wasaga would surely entice anyone to visit its sublime beauty; locals, mostly teenagers, have even considered the beach as a tourism hotspot. The beach is considered to be a great place for family bonding and for socializing with other people.

Jumping over the waves is also a fun activity, mainly because of the crystal blue waters.

Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia

surfer-portraitNature lovers and mountain bikers are sure to experience a great adventure in this 1.5 km long beach with its amazing trails. People can frolic at the path as the waves race to the shore; and at the end of the day, tourists are bathed by the remnants of the day’s sunshine as the sun in magnificent red and orange hues fades on this beach’s horizon.

Sylvan Beach in Alberta

AsybeachLastly, Sylvan is actually a lake beach with a statuesque lighthouse, several sporting facilities, and an amazing gigantic slide. The beach is visited mainly for water sports like boating, wake-boarding, and the biggest activity of all, scuba diving. The underwater ecosystem is breathtaking and brimming with a variety of fish species.


The places mentioned have no five star resorts, world-class pina-coladas or luxurious lodges, just the beach and the people. However, they offer a simpler yet more worthwhile way of spending summer with family and friends. Forget about Hawaii, Cancun or Bora Bora, Canada has got your summer covered.

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