Best Chinese food, Burger and Pizza joints in USA

The best things in life are free, not all of them.

USA is home of thousands of great diners, food trucks, restaurants and fast food branches. The best food choices are burgers, pizza and chinese food. Pizza originated from Italy and Chinese food of course came from China. Burgers are believed to have originated from Germany, however there are some claims from the United States stating that they’re the ones who introduced the delicious sandwich to the world.

Anyways if you’re ever looking for a great spot, here’s a list to help and guide your journey to satisfaction.

Fatburger in Las Vegas

This burger-server chain opened in 1952 and has been serving great quality burgers for years. Other than burgers, they also serve breakfast food like eggs benedict, cereal, french toast, bacon and more. They say the best time to take a bite at this burger joint is during the night. Fatburger is the “Last Great Hamburger Stand” according to Fatburger, is it true? Anyway, this burger brand has gained loyal customers including undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Pizzeria Regina in Massachusetts

Regina has been serving brick oven cooked pizzas since 1926. Found at the north end of Boston, this family owned pizza place has been a favorite for thousands of locals and travelers. Their crust is prepared with the same secret ingredients for 80 years and the toppings they use to cook each pizza is natural grown and fresh everyday. Their menu of gourmet pizza is very extensive with different kinds of toppings. For more information click here.


Tasty China in Marietta

This Chinese food restaurant is known for their hotness. Most of the meals they serve are cooked with maximum tolerance for spiciness with Sichuan pepper, like their spice fried eggplant, spicy stir-fried cabbage and spicy garlic tasty spare ribs. Don’t worry though, each meal has side dishes of raw vegetables to minimize the heat, but some people say that the vegetables don’t help. Tasty China got a a lot of positive review on Loyal customers have been expressing their love for the restaurant’s efficient food quality and service.

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Streetza Pizza food truck in Milwaukee

The number 1 US food truck in the USA according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Streetza has been in business since fall of 2008, around 2am. Their best sellers are the Say Cheese, Very Veggie, Pepperoni and A slice of Milwaukee.

Customers have been following the route of Streetza for years, it’s seems like the people can’t get enough. Their main arsenal is their “not too thin, not too thick” crust topped with fresh ingredients. People from different cities would hit the road just to have a slice of Streetza’s amazing pizza.


Little World Chinese Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Despite the word little in their name, this restaurant has been serving big portions of food for very reasonable prices. Their chow mein, egg rolls, kung po chicken and deep fried tofu has been customer’s favorite for years. But the main star of this restaurant is the pork and eggplant hot pot. The flavor of the broth accompanies the fried eggplant and cut strips of pork. Their restaurant may be small, but they make up for it with their amazing Chinese flavor.


Bub’s Burger & Ice Cream in Indianapolis

This burger place is famous for its Big Ugly Burger challenge. The rule is simple, all you have to do is finish their 1-pound Big Ugly Burger with the tomato, lettuce, onions and any cheese of your choosing. Upon finishing the burger you get to have your picture posted at the wall and be part of their history. Bub’s burger was featured in the food reality show Man vs Food, the host Adam Richman was able to complete the challenge and had his picture posted. The restaurant is not limited to just burgers they also serve mahi mahi sandwich, waffles, salad , hotdogs and pies with ice cream.


Keste in New York

Keste or “this is it” in english is established by Roberto Caporuscio from Italy. The first thing Keste developed in the world of cuisine is making cheese. He then decided to expand his knowledge and cooking skills by studying in Naples. Roberto then moved to New York to share his gift with the locals. Keste is recognized because of their pie-style pizza’s. The diversity of their pizza flavors are amazing, everything is cooked to perfection with fresh ingredients. Their menu is inspired from italy. To see their full menu, click here.


Son Of a Bun in Los Angeles

Mobi Munch founded Son Of a Bun in 2013, ever since then people would line up to grab a burger. All of their burgers cost $6 they have House, Western, Avoegg and Picante burger. The secret to their success is being fresh, every ingredient they use is freshly gathered everyday, the entire cooking process is like a show of mouth-watering goodness. For more information about their menu and schedule click here.


China Bistro in Rockville

Dumplings, dumplings everywhere. This Asian inspired eating spot serves their signature dumpling Mama’s special made out of pork, shrimp, chive and nappa. Their bubble tea is also a favorite specially for the locals and scallion pancakes never disappoint the customer. China Bistro is small compared to other Chinese restaurants, but customers come and go because of the accurate flavor and service.


Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro

Best way to spend your Saturday night is visit Hops order a burger and partner it up with a refreshing beer. Their menu includes burgers inspired from different cuisines and ingredients. Their best seller is the Hops Classic and has been consumed by thousands of customers in and out of North Carolina. Hops serves nothing but Angus beef with locally grown ingredients. Click here to visit their website.


There you go, some of the best eating spots in USA. There are many more places to go for amazing eats. Remember to always bring someone with you so the experience is a lot better, but if you prefer to be alone, then consider the food you’re eating a friend.

Hope you guys had a good time reading this article, and I’m pretty sure your appetite is starting to signal you with the pictures. Roam the country and enjoy the food experience.

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