Best Destinations for Stargazing around the World

Stargazing is more than just looking up the night sky. However, stars aren’t always visible to us mortals, due to different reasons like light pollution or maybe the clouds containing dusty materials that completely blocks visibility.

You don’t need high-tech binoculars to see the stars, you just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Death Valley National Park in California


The open sky provides a wide frame of stars above. This spot is perfect for meteor showers, lunar eclipses and more night sky phenomenon. No need to worry about light pollution blocking the view because the park has clean air and dry climate. Consider going to the park from November to April with the ideal and average temperature of 21.11 °C (70°F).

Fairbanks, Alaska


Other than the starry night, people of Alaska enjoy the majestic Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Imagine the dark sky filled with twinkling stars and dancing lights forming a stream above. Fairbanks is under the “Aurora Oval” where the northern lights mostly appear.

Atacama Desert in Chile

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This place is considered the best place for stargazing because it has the driest (non-polar) air on Earth. Because of the unpolluted air and high altitude, the desert is ideal for astronomical observatories. The ALMA observatory is based in the desert to monitor deep space images.

Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve in New Zealand


This is the largest sky reserve in the world. The free sky is free from pollution and the area is surrounded by mountains, truly a stage for stargazing. The astronomy research at hand in the area continues to unravel out-of-the-world facts for mankind. Aoraki Mackenzie shows clearest night sky in all of New Zealand.

Galloway Forest Park in Scotland


The forest park is a great place to gaze upon 7,000 stars and planets with the naked eye. The visitor center Clatteringshaws offers a viewing area and educational lectures about stars and constellations. The Galloway Forest Park is the first dark sky destination in the United Kingdom. You may say that the Galloway Forest Park is  a hot destination for Astrophysicists, astronomers, scientists and photographers.

Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii


Several telescopes are established in this area including the Gemini telescope, Subaru telescope, James Clerk Maxwell telescope and more. Travelers can camp out in the grounds all day to witness the sunrise, sunset and the night sky in one day. Reaching the 13,796 foot summit of Mauna Kea is a great way to enjoy the dark, clear and free sky.

Nova Scotia in Canada


Spend a week, a month or a year in the first ever starlight hotel in the world. Enjoy the hotel service and the starry night daily. Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia offers an outdoor tour to gaze upon stars and learn everything about them. The Mi’kmaq nation, one of the early groups to populate the grounds of Nova Scotia are responsible for the explanation of the changing seasons every year. Unlike other open areas, the lodge is surrounded by trees but the view of the sky above is still breathtaking because most the people contributed to preserve the area.

Now, feel the urge to travel and engage in stargazing? Make sure to visit all of the destinations included in this list. Travel and experience the world.

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