Best Photo Shoot Destinations

Photography and traveling are the perfect ingredients for an ultimate travel experience. Most people indulge in sightseeing, food trips, extreme sports, art tours and more. Why not bring a camera to capture the best images produced by reality?

Most people would probably suggest Paris, Taj Mahal, Venice or Hawaii. Most of these destinations are too common, why not find new places that most people aren’t aware of.  

Here are some of the best destinations for Photo Shoots to get you started.

Hidden Parks in Seattle


There are small parks scattered around the city of Seattle with different natural setting design. How great will it be to capture a picture of someone or something within these parks and create an album.

Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, Mexico


This mayan archaeological site has been a hot tourist destinations for travelers in Mexico. The green field around the site blends well with the open area, make your way to the Balankanche cave near the pyramid and make the best out of the stalagmites.

Qinngorput suburb in Greenland


The main reasons for this place being a good place for a photo shoot is the Aurora Borealis. It might be hard to manipulate your camera’s settings to fully capture the flowing of the lights. Qinngorput is the best place to see the Northern lights with the open sky and the small infrastructures and houses igniting during the night.

University of Cambridge in England


The entire place somehow resembles Hogwarts. The old architecture of the entire university has a dramatic and mystifying aura that is manifested through photos. Inside the university lies the Great Court of Kings for panorama photography. The university also has the beautiful River cam.

Great Barrier Reef in Australia


For water-based photo shoots, the Great Barrier reef shelters over 2,900 individual reefs with different formations. The underwater ecosystem is majestic with the variety of coral and fish. Also find a way to take a picture that shows the Heart-shaped reef.

Frozen Waves in Alaska


The gigantic monolith of frozen waves is a gift of nature for sight-seekers and photographers. The sights during daytime are breathtaking. Imagine a photo shoot with the theme “Frozen,” dress like Elsa and strike the perfect post.

Glowworm Caves in New Zealand


The glowworms are exclusively found in New Zealand. The cave turns into a museum of starry night nature art when the worms start to ignite all together.

Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Moscow

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The bright set of colors and playful architecture design will be perfect for a photo shoot filled with laughter and smiles. Also the tiers of the cathedral look like cupcake swirl toppings.

Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar


The gigantic Baobab trees sets a mood of wildness and calmness simultaneously. The landscape view of the road is magnificent.

Keukenhof in Netherland

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This botanical garden shows an array of flower fields with strong and lovely colors. The best way to capture a photo is from a bird’s eye view. However, passionate photographers are sure to find the best angle and setting to turn the flower field into the perfect frame.

These destinations would be perfect for aspiring photographers who want to show the world their skills in the field and exercise their dedication to procure images.


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