Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps

Yesterday we discussed about “Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel”. Today we’ll be sharing several travel apps that you need to have while travelling. Believe me, you’ll be needing these tools to make your travelling life easier. No more dilly dallying introduction, let me get straight to the point. In this article, discover these Best Travel Apps!

Best Travel Apps-Docs To Go1. Docs To Go or Gmail Offline

You are on the go and you can’t always bring your best buddy laptop with you. What if one time while on a random adventure where all you have with you is your mobile phone and suddenly you need to edit or send an email? No worries, this doesn’t leave you on a dead end. Yes, technologies nowadays find ways to make life easier. You don’t have to tell yourself “Nah, i’ll just do it later instead” then totally forgot about it after an hour. This where Docs To Go and Gmail Offline will help you to do stuffs offline.

Best Travel Apps-Gmail OfflineGmail Offline is a Google Chrome app that lets you read and manage messages when you don’t have an Internet connection. You can even compose messages that will be sent when you’re back online. All can be done on your Android device.

Docs To Go, take your office anywhere not literally but with this app you can view, edit and create Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc.) and even view Adobe PDF files on your iOS device with MS Office suite

Best Travel Apps-Paper2. Paper

While you travel, out-of-the-blue ideas will surely pop out of your mind and you don’t want to miss those once in a blue moon ideas. Of course, iTunes had an advantage over apps that will help our creative minds. Notes, photo annotation, and sketches are all powered on this app by FiftyThree. As the mobile app description says, “When inspiration happens, put it on Paper”, they don’t actually literally mean paper. We don’t always have a paper and a pen ready for these moments. This app is better used than be explained by words. However, FiftyThree isn’t large enough to cater other software other than iOS but they are looking forward to expand their platform in the future.

*The app is best used together with the Pencil (stylus) by FiftyThree, available in Walnut, Gold and Graphite color handle. Works on iPad 3, 4, Air (all), mini (all), iPad Pro, and iPhone 4S and above.

3. Citymapper
Best Travel Apps-Citymapper

For a long time, we had been relying on using Google Maps to navigate places, though a friend once recommended: “Oh, don’t you use Citymapper?” Eventually, I relented. But then I discreetly checked it out. The transit app is comprehensive, easy to use and also playful. Citymapper offers more detailed journey planner information than Google, including real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as Uber integration and cycle routes. It is available in around 30 cities worldwide, with all the obvious city-break destinations covered. It even tells you how long your journey will take by jetpack – useless information really, but hopefully something to cheer you up when your train is cancelled. Not only on iOS but also on Android.

Best Travel Apps-XE Currency4. XE Currency

XE is the go-to site for currency conversions on the web, so it’s no surprise that its app is so popular: with over 20 million downloads since its launch. It has lots of business-oriented features, such as rates for precious metals and historic currency charts, but for the traveller it is most useful for the simple fact that it’s able to convert every world currency. It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates, which is great if you’re in a place with limited connectivity or trying to save on data. Free on iOS and Android.

5. Expensify

Best Travel Apps-ExpensifyKeeping track of receipts when you’re traveling is a huge pain. Fortunately, Expensify makes putting together your expense reports seamless and easy. The app imports your expenses straight from your credit card or bank account, and it will compile all of the information into a PDF expense report. For cash purchases, you can use your phone to scan the receipt, and Expensify will log it in your expense report. You can send these expense reports via email, and the service will reimburse up to $10,000 online. It is a free download for both iOS and Android devices.

I hope we were able to help you somehow to make your travelling easier and efficient. You might also want to check our article about “Breathtaking Destinations in the World”. Or feel free to leave a topic suggestion below.


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