Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas

Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas
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All fun. No Stress. And more importantly, no boys. That’s what a girls’ getaway is all about (sorry boys). When was the last time you and your best friend had bonded? Oh i’m sorry,  you always do. Then let’s make it more special and memorable. How about travelling the world with your one and only bestie? Sounds fun right? You and her against the world. With that in mind, we asked for your best recommendations for a girls’ only weekend trip. Here we gathered Best Friend Travel-Getaway Ideas!

1. Taghazout, Morocco
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-Taghazout, Morocco

Here’s a trip where you can make new friends and hang with the ones you already have. On the west coast of Morocco, there’s a small fishing village named Taghazout that’s gained a rep for surfing. Sign up for a week and you’ll learn to work the waves, plus meet women from all over the world

2. Sayulita, Mexico
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-Sayulita, Mexico

If Tulum is the bohemian epicenter of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, then Sayulita takes the flower-covered crown on the Pacific side. But while some complain that Tulum has become an outpost for Williamsburg scenesters, Sayulita, a surf town that’s about 25 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta, isn’t quite trending on Instagram yet.

3. Tokyo, Japan
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-Tokyo, Japan

If you followed Lena Dunham’s recent trip to Tokyo with pal Aidy Bryant (of SNL fame) and suffered a healthy dose of FOMO, you are not alone. There, Dunham dabbled in nail art, “giant baby fashion,” and BFF septum piercings — and it all looked delightful. If you want to shop in Dunham’s footsteps, check out clothing stores Titty&Co. abd One Spo.

4. Cartagena, Colombia
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-Cartagena, Colombia

If you’re pressed for vacation days but really want an adventure, Colombia is the gateway destination for a South American jaunt. Direct flights from NYC to Cartagena are just five hours (that’s shorter than a trip to L.A.), so you can make it happen over a long weekend. Once you’re in the colonial walled city, fill up on citrus-cured seafood at La Cevichería, frozen fruit pops at La Palettería, and arepas from the street.

5. Park City, Utah
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-Park City, Utah

Make it a slope-side retreat for hot toddies, white Russians, and Irish coffee by the fire. Oh, and there’s skiing, too. Park City Mountain has 7,300 acres of powder-covered terrain. But for the non-skiers / non-boarders in the bunch, there’s shopping on Main Street (Crosby Collection has vintage jewelry, and Atticus has used books), as well as distillery tours at High West.

As a bonus, you could also try touring Providence, Rhode Island, this artsy capital city ranks well for features like classical music, performance art, and galleries. But it also attracts girlfriends whose idea of weekend fun tends toward grilled pizza and craft brews, notably from Revival Brewing. The place to stay at the moment is The Dean Hotel—on the site of a former strip club—whose quirky room options include sleepover-style bunk beds and whose amenities include a coffee bar in the lobby and a “Let It Go”–friendly karaoke bar with private rooms.
Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas-travel the world bff
Pro Tip: If you’re planning to try these Bestfriend Travel-Getaway Ideas, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or



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