BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 mobile

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

The BlaBlaCar app service is the brainchild of a trio of founders: Fred, Francis, and Nicolas. When Fred, one of the founders, was in his twenties and looking for a way to get home to his family in the French countryside in Vendee, he was struck by the fact that many cars going the same way had empty seats. To aggravate his transportation problem, he didn’t have his own car and all the trains were full to make it to Christmas. Thus, the BlaBlaCar app carpooling platform idea was born.

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 brand logoRead our latest BlaBlaCar app reviews to discover more about this travel network, their main services and features, and what users think of them. We hope that these BlaBlaCar app reviews help.

Services and Features

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 mobile service

Travelling by a group, even at the last minute, has become fast, easy, and simple with the carpooling BlaBlaCar app. Download the app and get started requesting or checking out available rides and publishing yours. If you’re travelling long-distance or from city to city, offer other members to hitch a ride with you and thus split the driving costs, setting price limits for the journey. It’s a way to meet great people, save on your transportation costs, and get to where you need to go comfortably and help out at the same time.

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 mobile service

View the profiles of members with their government ID verifications and ratings. With the BlaBlaCar app, you can communicate with members via in-app messaging. Approve members who want a ride after checking out their reputation or merely double-check their background.

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 member profile

For more information, updates, and offers about the BlaBlaCar app, view their Twitter account here. You can also follow the BlaBlaCar app on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts at the bottom of their official website.


Reviews of Customers

BlaBlaCar app reviews gave this travel app a rating score of 4.3 stars out of 5. One of the more neutral recent BlaBlaCar app reviews writers wrote: “Don’t know why but when you contact a person with out accepting his request, the seat count reduces. it’s is not possible to share numbers…it’s difficult to decide whether or not to accept a rider. It used to be much more easier to organize rides before.”

How To Reach Them?

Interesting and Useful Travel App

BlaBlaCar App Reviews 2017 brandBlaBlaCar app reviews mostly wrote about how helpful and useful this app was. Though, a lot of problems writers noticed surfaced after their experiences using the app. One BlaBlaCar app reviews writer said changing the language was a problem; another said communication was hard and the service cost was very high.

However, the BlaBlaCar app can really help you save on transportation costs and meet new people along the way, making it one new way of getting to your destination.

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