BookAirfare Reviews

BookAirfare Reviews

BookAirfare traces its roots back to 2006 with the aim of “providing customers with access to the cheapest airfare for both national and international flights worldwide”. The American travel site now has over 50 employees, but there’s no brief history about how it started, who founded the company or who its chief executive officer is.

BookAirfare recently made a major technology upgrade to enhance their online services and flexibility in booking flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. They based these changes from consumer’s feedback and requests as a respect to their loyalty. The option to contact their customer service is still available.
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BookAirfare doesn’t believe in the ‘bait and hook’ approach and they want their customers to consider them as virtual real-time agents; unlike other online travel agencies, BookAirfare promptly displays the total price, so travelers know what to expect before purchase.

The page is a contrast of black and orange with a background image of gondolas in Venice. The site looks normally like other online travel site for its functionality of providing search and compare options. Promotions are shown below for their “Hot Flight Deals” by major airlines and popular destinations. Live help service is shown evidently on the left hand of the page and on the top of the page is their newsletter service signup. The bottom part shows the list of major credit cards that BookAirfare accepts for payments.

Reading several BookAirfare reviews, the travel site gives a pretty bad impression to consumers. Recent studies shows that BookAirfare was considered scam. Judging through BookAirfare reviews, I learned that the online travel agency is one of the unreliable sites travelers could use. Some customers are asking others to stay away from them and their reviews are noted as “don’t even deserve a 1 star rating”. Some had sudden cancellations of booking. Even the customer service are rude.

One reviewer on the first week of December 2015 said, “DO NOT USE  THIS COMPANY!!”. She said that they found it through Skyscanner. BookAirfare sold them a low-cost airfare but with the wrong airline. She almost missed her flight due to the hassle of figuring out the correct airline. She called their customer service and was given a fake check-in code. She was overcharged for a checked bag which was not showing on the airline record, that she payed again. She ended her review with “Essentially, they stole my money and lied about the flight. What a terrible experience”
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact number:                    1-855-282-6507
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number:                          1-302-353-4175
  • Head Office Address:           1000 N West Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Advice to Revise
Scanning through BookAirfare reviews and after learning some facts about them. I can say BookAirfare might be legit but as of now they should really focus on improving their credibility more than their services. Their customer service works out just fine but customers are asking for their legitimacy due to lack of company background. As they say, “If you want people to believe you, then be honest at least.”


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  1. Booked a flight on Thursday for Saturday. On Saturday they called and we didn’t answer. Buy the time we called back they had canceled the tickets… Airline said the flight was full so my guess is they sold tickets that they shouldn’t have and couldn’t get us the ticket and used a bogus excuse of calling many times to review the credit card


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