Travel companies aim to establish a great relationship with their customers. Efficiency in service and credibility in providing great travel deals, these would determine whether an online travel agency would either gain loyal customers or make enemies. travel company focuses on providing the best hotel reservation deals for travelers worldwide. Let’s see if they managed to satisfy or disappoint their customers.

Foundation was founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. and Bookings online merged in 2000 to become

Darren Huston, CEO of The Priceline Group and

In 2005, The Priceline Group bought the company for $133 million and turned it into a subsidiary. The current CEO of is Darren Huston who was appointed to the position in September 2011. Huston is also the CEO of The Priceline Group.




Customer Online Rating

4ikFLgWMeanwhile, it seems that isn’t doing so good according to online reviews. The company got a 1 out of a 5-star rating in Some reviews state that isn’t reliable at all when it comes to booking hotel rooms.

One patron shared his experience about making a reservation and never getting a confirmation from the company. Days prior to their reservation, they still have not received a confirmation. Despite not receiving any confirmation letter and not pursuing the hotel reservation, the patron was billed for the room and the manager of that hotel insisted the patron to pay.

Not cool

One review said that he was a big fan of the company and had been booking with them for years. After a disappointing experience with, he immidieately claimed that doesn’t care about their customers at all.

Ahgj733On, the company only received an 18% thumbs up rating from online reviews. There’s a mixture of positive and negative comments. Most of the positive ones say that is very reliable, while the negative ones accuse the company of providing misleading deals, overcharged ratees and awful customer support.

Looks like needs major improvements to gain those customers back.

Operation of

According to their website, the company has connections with over 800,000 hotels worldwide and over 900,000 bookings are made daily with the online travel agency.

HJdUlbPBooking for hotels is easy on their website. Simply enter the location where you will be staying and hotel deals will quickly appear. You can enter the country, city, district or landmarks near your destination or location to make things easier for the website to find hotels.

Altering bookings is also available on their website. There’s a page designated for managing bookings. There are 66,804,810 reviews on their website when this article was written, most of the reviews were positive but they weren’t actually for; rather, these were reviews on the hotels affiliated with

They also have their own mobile app for a more portable and convenient way of booking hotel deals.

Customer Service has phone support, email support, a FAQs page, and the “contact us” and “about page.” All these pages are pretty extensive.

Their phone support has local numbers for each country or city. Their email support is more like a feedback feature, wherein customers can submit their opinion about the company’s service whether it’s good or bad.

Overall, the website is a little disorganized. They really need to do something about the interface and design.

In a nutshell

It’s seems that is more than capable of conducting operations, but the problem is the certain gaps and mistakes they overlooked from time to time. I’m pretty sure that the company won’t shut down just because of negative reviews. However, if these reviews continue to increase in number. Then, that would certainly be a problem.’s contact information:


Contact number: 00 44 20 3320 2609 (click here to open their contact us page)

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  1. I wanted to share my recent misadventures with so that the same thing will not happen to you.
    I booked a hotel for Marseille in October 2015. The room booked (Hotel le Vieux port) was indicated as a 2 adults + 2 children room. But, when I arrived, the room was only for 2 adults and one child! I contacted by phone about that issue and their agent admitted the responsibility of She ensured me I would be refunded and found me another hotel (for which I paid again). After a few months I checked my statements and saw no refund. I contacted the customer service, but is now refusing to refund me pretexting that the hotel does not want to refund them!


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