Bravofly Reviews

Bravofly Reviews

“We are committed to shaping the future of online travel business through Innovation,” was Bravofly’s mission from 2006. In this review we’ll  be looking at how Bravofly, an innovation-centered group, has shaped the future of the travel industry.

Bravofly Reviews-Francesco Signoretti
Francesco Signoretti

Bravofly is actually a product of Bravofly Rumbo Group which was founded in 2006 by the founders, Mr. Fabio Cannavale and Mr. Marco Corradino, when their first product Volagratis moved its head office to Chiasso, Switzerland. It improved their services internationally including Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom. In the end of 2013, Jetcost was released as a French travel agency and Lastminute for British travel agency in March 2015. Bravofly was one of the online travel agencies of Rumbo Group which has 2,000 employees and support staff in nine other countries.

Now, their current Chief Executive Officer starting in 2010 is Mr. Francesco Signoretti, a 49-year-old Italian graduate of engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza. Francesco is also the CEO of Lastminute.

Why Bravofly?

Bravofly Reviews-pageAs we observe the striking resemblance of Bravofly’s interface with Lastminute’s, we see that they are similar in a lot of ways. Given the simplicity of its white and blue coloured theme, this doesn’t actually easily attract customers’ attention. It leaves the impression that Bravofly can be another scamming travel site.

On a positive note, Bravofly provides customers the option to compare deals from traditional and low-cost airlines and the option to find a deal at the customer’s desired price and date of leaving. These services also include hotel reservations and car rentals. Though, once customers click on the Hotel button at the top part of the page, some other icons start to malfunction.

Bravofly Reviews-mobile appReservations and assistance buttons, located at the top right of the page before the language selector, give the list of customer service numbers. The list depends on the country, language, call costs, and operating hours.

The lower part of the page provides customers the top destinations and routes with a list of estimated prices.

The Bravofly mobile version lets customers book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, check flight status and check airline information. It has the same features as its PC version. The travel app of Bravofly is available in the App store and Google Play store.

Why NOT Bravofly?

Judging through Bravofly reviews, the travel site had garnered an overall score of 4.2/10 which put them on the list of not-to-recommend travel sites. 6800+ plus Bravofly reviews prove that the Swiss travel site is unreliable and shouldn’t be trusted. There’s also one consumer who even got a cheaper deal on the official website of the airline than what he booked with Bravofly. He was promised a refund, but neither a confirmation letter of his booking nor a refund has been made, despite his calling for customer service several times.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact Number:                 +39 0423 40 2040 / 0900 888 108
  • Head Office Address:          Vicolo de’Calvi 2, 6830 Chiasso, CH, Switzerland

Stay Away from Bravofly!

In this Bravofly reviews, the online travel agency isn’t that consistent with their service. Maybe because Bravofly Rumbo Group can’t handle more than one OTA? I think they should try to be more organized. What can you say about these Bravofly reviews? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. I unfortunately booked my tickets through this company. They gave me wrong information all the way for my baggage allowance and the last day when I called them so many times as the flight staff called me to inform that I was not getting the luggage allowance they say, they REALISED this was not the case. I had to spend £280 for my bags which they said will reimburse. I has been over 3 months and still they have not paid anything. Please avoid at any cost.


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