Breathtaking Destinations in the World

Breathtaking Destinations in the World

Paul Theroux once said “Tourists don’t know where they’ve been; Travellers don’t know where they’re going.” However, in this article, we’ll take you to Breathtaking Destinations in the World! We’ll make sure that after reading this, you will have the eagerness to take risk for betterment. And after that we can tell Paul that we know where we’ve been and we know where we’re going. Because we’ve been there and getting there will be a lot easier, because we are risk-takers for the sake of a perfect travel destination.

Breathtaking Destinations in the World-Palace RegaleiraPalace Regaleira

Welcome to the Palace of Mystery. Your adventures ahead will encounter diverse heritage of the Palace of Regaleira located in Sintra, Portugal. The palace is made up of luxurious features such as lakes, wells, gardens, fountains and its main attraction is a romantic chapel. Being here and wandering around the palace feels like you are in Rivendell (hidden valley of Elven, based from the movie: The Hobbit). The palace will also take you back to your childhood days when you used to love fairytales. So, if you are dreaming to be like a princess running and looking for Prince Charming then this place will surely fit your drama.

Spiral Staircase

Breathtaking Destinations in the World-Spiral StaircaseAre you up for a risky climbing? To feel like a mountaineer minus the risk of hiking injuries. TThere’s in China, a staircase at 300 feet standing beside their Taihang Mountains located in Linzhou. Image that you are climbing up to 300 feet while birds pass, wind blows and even the own stairs creak while you are working your way up. Just so you know, this Spiral Staircase attracts thousands of tourists to China just to see what the staircase has to offer, if you’re at the top. Believe me, it’s gonna be worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Step up and take the challenge. Remember: “Big risk = big reward.”

Safety reminders! People who are 60 above by age, have heart problems and vertigo are not allowed to take the challenge. And it’s for your own sake.

Breathtaking Destinations in the World-To-Sua Ocean TrenchTo-Sua Ocean Trench

Who said that paradises are not found in small places? In Samoa, the village of Lotofaga hides a beautiful swimming area, that once you get there, you’d never want to go home. This small piece of paradise will wow you with its stunning appearance, what more if you swam in this beautiful 30 meter deep hole with turquoise water with a ladder. It’s not done yet in impressing you, because it also offers lush gardens, day fales with clifftop views, blowholes, sea arches and rock pools to explore. This attraction is not yet discovered worldwide. So, take the chance to be one of the few to experience the fresh destination open Monday to Sunday from 7am to 6pm.

The Bastei Bridge

Breathtaking Destinations in the World-The Bastei BridgeThe name of the destination is the German term for “Bastion” which means a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall. Well, the bridge doesn’t really lead anywhere but simply spans a number of the huge rocks which make up the Bastei formation. This towers 194 metres above the Elbe River and its actually located in the sandstone mountains of Saxon Switzerland Elbe, Germany. You might be wondering where did the rocks come from? The jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over one million years ago. Being one of the most conspicuous lookout points in Saxon Switzerland, the destination is really a world-renowned tourist attraction. Tourists who perched atop can take in a huge panorama of gorgeous German countryside.

Breathtaking Destinations in the World-Oasis of HuacachinaOasis of Huacachina

The common movie scene when someone goes and walks in a seemingly endless desert, starving and thirsty. Then suddenly an Island or a lost city will appear in the middle of nowhere. But once they get to the place, it disappears because they were just hallucinating. However, let’s change the end part of the story. In the Ica Region, located at the southwestern part of Peru, a town called “Oasis of  Huacachina” exists! This isolated unspoilt paradise is not a mirage. In fact, 115 people lived there. Oasis of Huacachina also has rustic hotels, lake, shops and even an oasis library.

The origin traces back with the lake. It was believed by some to have healing powers, that in 1940s Peruvians had travelled to the lake to bathe in waters.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Definitely, Henry Miller was right about that. I hope we were able to let you know new places to visit this year. Save up and let loose, we earn money not to waste them, but to use them for the most essential things for ourselves.

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