BudgetAir Review

Online travel sites are established for one main reason only, and that is to provide travel services for people on a budget. Traveling doesn’t come cheap. You have to have the “cha-ching,” in order to reach your destination. This is the greatest contribution of travel sites, they give everyone the opportunity to travel.

BudgetAir is one example of these travel sites; just by its name, you will surely understand what the company is all about.


BudgetAir is a subsidiary of Travix International B.V. Travel and Technology Company. Travix was founded in January 2011 and operates several travel brands like CheapTickets, Vayama, Vliegwinkel, and Flugladen.

ea705b1e84b78befab47298d5efbec90John Mangelaars is the CEO of Travix, who is also the concurrent head of BudgetAir. According to BudgetAir, booking with them is 100% safe and secure. Remember that readers, let’s see the company can keep up to its promise.



Their website has 16 localized versions around the world. After opening their website, you will have to choose which country you are currently staying in and not the country you’re going to.


The design of the website is pretty appealing and easy to navigate.


Travelers can do the following on the website:

  • Book flight deals
  • Book hotel reservation
  • Book car rentals
  • Compare price rates

There’s a gallery of travel destinations on the right side of the homepage, like New York, Bangkok, and Barcelona.

Online check-in is also available to make things go smoothly. According to their website they have booked “over 2.5 million customers every year;” if you think about it, that’s actually pretty low compared to other travel sites. Anyway, the thing to focus on is the credibility of their offers and the reliability of the company in doing their job.

Customer Service

The company doesn’t have phone support; instead, customers can send their enquiries through email or regular mail by sending it to BudgetAir’s main office in Amsterdam. So, what will it be, snail mail or an email that can be read by the receiver in matter of minutes after sending?

They also have a FAQs page where customers can access general information. The FAQs page is quite disorganized and seemed to be lacking specific information.

Online Reviews

BudgetAir in general received a disappointing 1.5 out of a 10-star rating on Trustpilot, but their UK website got a 6.9 out of a 10-star rating on the same website.

Some of the reviews were really strong, unfortunately, in a negative way. One patron said “So bad, one needs a new word for them!” is she thinking of a new bad word to describe the company?

There were forums initiated on Tripadvisor and Lonelyplanet for BudgetAir back in 2011 and 2012. Most of the replies on the forum were saying bad things about the company’s alleged weak services.

Anyway, for their website platform in the UK, the common positive thing customers are saying is that the company is trusted and it provides cheap deals. On Trustpilot, BudgetAir employees are replying to some of the most negative comments and admitting their mistakes and offering assistance.

It’s good that the company is trying to resolve some of the complaints; but, it would probably had been better if they avoided these mistakes in the first place.

Final Thoughts

BudgetAir needs to address the complaints thrown at them. Resolve and then recover the lost ground. It’s going to be hard for the company, not for just BudgetAir, but for Travix as well.

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