Cheaptickets Review

They say free things are the best, that’s true, but cheap deals with great value are awesome as well. Think about it, the exchange of money is essential in giving and gaining something in return. It’s like saying, you get way more than what you paid for.

Cheaptickets is a travel agency that practices this statement with their travel services. Were they able to do so?

Beginnings and Ownership

Cheaptickets is a subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. Michael and Sandra Hartley founded the company in Honolulu Hawaii back in 1987. In the early years of the company, tickets were advertised via newspaper, 3,000 tickets were sold out within two weeks, then the company started to grow bigger and claim their place in the travel industry.

Barney BW 2015

Barney Harford is the current CEO of Orbitz meaning he leads Cheaptickets as well. Barney started his service for Orbitz in 2009 and promises to bring the company and all of its subsidiaries into new heights in the travel industry.

Travel Service Rating

Cheaptickets got a 1.4 out of 10 star rating on and a 1 star out of 5 star rating on



So looks like Cheaptickets seems to be in a little turmoil. One traveler said that Cheaptickets was the “absolute worst” company she had to deal with. Her complaint was about the refund process, she cancelled her flight due to her unfortunate schedule. She was able to pay everything including the cancellation fee and rescheduling fee. After two months, still no refund. She then swore to never use Cheaptickets again.

Some of the reviews state that the promised cheap deals aren’t actually cheap. Most of the reviews encourage travelers to book with someone else, someone reputable.

Strong words like “thieves”, “scams” and “joke” were used to give a description about Cheaptickets.

Online Operation


“Cheap is Good,” this is the slogan used on their website. Booking travel products is easy through their website. A travelers need  to choose the product or combo product he or she wants to avail for. For example, Flight deals, Hotel deals, Flight+hotel deals and some more.

Every week the website presents the “Cheap of the Week” a special deal with a low price rates.

They present hotel deals on their homepage  with price range of $24 dollars to $180. Looking at this deal, is it possible for a hotel reservation to be this cheap? Is the offer credible?


Customer Support

Their customer support page contains information about customer bookings, online check-in, refund timelines, baggage fees and other extensive topics.

They also operate phone support for local and international customers. Their live chat support is available within selected hours per day, Monday to Friday 7am – 10pm CDT and Saturday to Sunday 10am – 9pm CDT.

Cheaptickets Contact information:

  • Website:‎
  • Contact No: 1-888-922-8849 (Local) 001-312-596-5786. (International)
  • Main office Address: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Being a subsidiary of Orbitz, Cheaptickets expands the coverage of Orbitz’ travel products. Cheaptickets entire operation needs major improvements immediately. They need to convince their customers about the credibility by building their reputation in the industry.

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