Chic Retreats Reviews 2017 hotel

Chic Retreats Reviews 2017

Chic Retreats Reviews 2017


Hotels, or chic retreats, are places where staying in for the night is a necessity. A hotel’s boutique quality attracts travellers, gives them a unique experience, and turns them into the kinds of guests the hotel is looking for.

Chic Retreats reviews give us an overview of the travel service. We check out Chic Retreats’ official website, company information, and main services in these Chic Retreats reviews.

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Background, History, and More Information

Chic Retreats Reviews 2017 CEO
Chic Retreats CEO Amir Azulay

Chic Retreats, headquartered in London, was launched in 2002. They offer a selection of boutique hotels worldwide to customers, seeking to aid their hotel partners advertise, sell, and direct traffic into the property itself. Their official website is the site where travellers discover hotels. Chic Retreats addresses their digital techniques and publications about their properties towards converting website visitors into guests, the right type of guest for each hotel.

Chic Retreats’ CEO, Amir Azulay also serves as the CEO and Founder of Chic Lifestyle. Azulay had been serving as CEO of Chic Retreats since November 14, 2012. Prior to his position in Chic Retreats, he was an investor and director at The Pocket Agency. The agency’s London-based CEO has an MBA, Finance & Tech Management from Tel Aviv University, 1993-1995.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

One of the Chic Retreats reviews shared his experience: “I have used the site to look for a relaxing place for our holiday last summer. I found Almyra – a fantastic hotel only a short flight away and right on the beach of Paphos. Booking was easy and we were not disappointed – good size room, delicious food and an amazing quiet-zone SPA – exactly what we needed! I will definitely come back to look for a special hotel this year.”

There are only 3 Chic Retreats reviews online; mostly, customers found the service along with their customer care agreeable. Read more Chic Retreats reviews here on Trustpilot.

Their Official Website

Chic Retreats works like most travel sites. At the homepage, one can search for the hotels they’re looking for on the search engine or through exploring Chic Retreats’ collections or destinations. Featured and new hotels are shown at the middle, displaying the hotel’s image, hotel description, price per night, and option to book.

Chic Retreats Reviews 2017 website

Join Chic Treats to receive their special offers, check out travel tips and inspiration, and access other exclusive treats from Chic Retreats. Chic Retreats’ blog gathers interesting inspirational articles on travel for site visitors.

For more information, updates, and offers about Chic Retreats, view their Twitter account here. Chic Retreats also has Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts you can follow.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +44 203 733 4271
  • Contact Email:;
  • Head Office Address: London, United Kingdom

Not Recommended

Chic Retreats Reviews 2017 brand iconAfter reading through the Chic Retreats reviews, I am unsure whether to use this travel website. They approach hotels differently, aiming to get them out there to their ideal customers and help their hotel partners. I think that more Chic Retreats reviews would help us get a clearer idea of the hotels they have.

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