China Travel Depot Reviews

China Travel Depot Reviews

Did you know that fortune cookies are not traditional Chinese customs? They were actually invented in San Francisco, CA, USA in 1900. But wait? Why is it known to be served after dining at Chinese restaurants? Moving forward, in this review, let’s discuss what is known as the “Top ranked travel agency in China”.
China Travel Depot Reviews-pageChina Travel Depot is a comprehensive travel portal designed for abroad travelers and expats in China. On the page, customers can search and book flights, hotel reservations, train and tour packages. Though the site promotes other top destinations, it is quite noticeable that China Travel Depot focuses more on their own tourism. To avoid language barriers, the site’s version is interchangeable from English, Chinese and Japanese found on the top right.

However, even if the page looks enticing and calm the overall function of the site is malfunctioning; several times, I was redirected back to the home page. I noticed some China Travel Depot Reviews are complaining similar cases of site malfunction. This lead to some potential customers to stop booking with them, because they are afraid of not getting any confirmation after booking or trusting their payment credentials online.

China Travel Depot Reviews-CYTSIn 2009, CYTS or the parent company of China Travel Depot had merged with People’s Daily Online, which is one of the world’s top ten newspapers. The aim of the partnership is to broaden networks in providing information to China tourism online through the travel site. This will focus more on the Chinese economic growth and culture to connect China to other parts of the world through writing articles online.

China Travel Depot Reviews of Travellers

Based on 59 China Travel Depot reviews, the travel site had garnered an almost perfect score on TourRadar alone. However, the posted comments are dated last year with none appearing to be dated this year. But by checking other China Travel Depot reviews, it seems like consumers of the travel site are agreeing that China Travel Depot is a reliable site to buy discounted airfares within China, but internationally-wise not the best.

On a positive note, all reviews sites have scored China Travel Depot with a passing star rating.  There was actually a review posted that accumulated a lot of comments making it the top grossing review by a legit customer of China Travel Depot, when he said these simple words: “Not the best, but efficient”.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:               
  • Contact Number:                   +86 10 5815 8830
  • Contact Email:              
  • Fax Number:                          +86 10 6287 8483
  • Head Office Address:            No.1, Xianghongqi Dongmenwai, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100091

Points to Reconsider
China Travel Depot Reviews-reconsider

Well, in this review, I can’t just base my judgement from China Travel Depot reviews. Since the reviews alone are not up-to-date and reviews shows that China Travel Depot are not the best. It can be reliable to some, but majority of consumers (not from TourRadar) alone complain that the travel site is giving them a hard time. The online travel agency can do better, they just need more polishing in their services and on their page.


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