ClearTrip Reviews

ClearTrip Reviews

The Indian-based travel site rooted its beginning in 2006 with three key people: Stuart Crighton, Mathhew Spacie and Hrush Bhatt. The company slogan by then pretty much explained what’s the travel site’s purpose: “
Make Travel Simple”. Cleartrip provides simple travel solutions for travellers booking online along with useful travel tips. Their first international branch was in the United Arab Emirates in 2010. The continuous growth of the company till now made them one of the popular travel sites nowadays.
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As one of the top online travel agencies in India, they were also recognized as the leading travel site in the Gulf Region. AgentBox is an online product for travel agents and tour companies to book tickets and receive commissions. AgentBox is a subsidiary of ClearTrip.

As of now, their founder, Mr. Crighton serves their CEO, responsible for the overall profitability & performance of Cleartrip while Mr. Bhatt is the Director, responsible for the definition of Cleartrip’s corporate strategy and implementation of the website.

Clearing a Trip with ClearTrip

ClearTrip Reviews-pageCleartrip is one of the rush sites made to lure customers into a bait. Others consider this clean white, but the fact remains that the more the page lacks effort on their interface, the more consumers are being doubtful about the site. On the left wing of the page, tabs appear to offer services for booking flights, hotels, trains and buses which also include activities and weekend getaways. Cleartrip also lets travellers manage their booking online.

ClearTrip also provides activity booking services, but when directed to the Activity page it will just give the option to download their travel app. Now, let’s talk about the flagship of the company一their travel app.

ClearTrip Reviews-mobile appTheir mobile app is the mobile version of Cleartrip’s full-service portal or all features from the PC version. Customers can search, compare and book for flights, seat reservation, car rental services and even make a hotel reservation. Their mobile app is available for Apple, Android, and Symbian devices.

ClearTrip Reviews of Customers

According to several ClearTrip reviews, the travel site is not making travel as simple as they say. Customers are complaining about ClearTrip’s false advertising of package deals and others more. On Trustpilot, ClearTrip had been building up a bad reputation online from its consumers. Have you heard what 25 customers have said about Cleartrip? To see is to believe. Here, check these ClearTrip reviews:
ClearTrip Reviews-complaint

ClearTrip Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:           +91 9595 333333
  • Contact Support: 
  • Fax Number:                  +91 22 67347888
  • Head Office Address:   Unit No. 001, Ground floor, DTC Building, Delisle Road, N.M.
                                              Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (E), Mumbai 400011, India


Judging through several Cleartrip reviews 2016, travellers are anxious with the overall credibility of the company.  Let me remind anyone who’ll be reading this review to stay away from Cleartrip. My friend once gave me useful advice一she said “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true.”


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  1. Please never ever use this site. It was my worst experience in my whole life I booked a flight with them after they deducted the money they charged the time . When I try to call them they hang down the line.

  2. I wonder how the worst of the hotels post photographs of their rooms taken by profesional phtographers to cheat us.

    I recently stayed at hotel Haveli Hari Ganga( A property of Prasad Hertige Projects Pvt. Ltd.) Hardwar this month booked through Cleartrip. Forget the very high tariff (INR 44,800 for 5 nights stay) compared to the quality of the room, food and infrastructure.

    I give chronologically the sequence of events from the day I reached Hardwar 08/10/16 till the day of departure on 13/10/16:
    1. When I reached Hardwar, the cab driver asked me about the location of the hotel. When I contacted the hotel, they informed me that I should get down at RamLeela Maidan, a dirty place and take a hotel rickshaw to reach the hotel
    2. When I eached the hotel,the I was alloted a ground floor room which I refused to stay and finally alloted a first floor room.
    3. To my surprise, the room was like prison cell with no ventilation except the door and two windows which cannot be kept open as they faced the common lobby. The low wattage lamps added more dullness to the room.
    4. The room was damp, with stinking carpet and curtains and upholstery
    5.Food served was the worst I could take with no other choice other than the option of a buffet for dinner and thali for lunch. You simply have to take the food offered by the hotel.
    6. Limited quantity of food was an added attraction.
    7. Groups from other countries got preference for reasons not known to me
    8.The rooms were damp and red ants added more comfort to our stay.

    At the end of my stay, I felt that I was released from a prison and paid a hefty price for the stay. Forget the mental agony and uncomfortable stay. Please be careful while booking at a hotel or else you land up in situation where you can neither leave and have to stay in a prison.


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