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The most general thing to enter our mind when we hear the word travel is flying. Not literally flying, flying as in air travel. Most people these days probably have no interest in other vehicles for traveling great distances.

When people decide to go on a cruise instead of air travel, their journey aboard can already be considered a destination. Because unlike airplanes, liners can carry more weight meaning more features.


header1CruiseDirect started in 2001 and has been providing affordable cruise deals ever since. The company is confident regarding their products because they have partnership with the biggest cruise lines in the world like Costa, Carnival, Cunard, MSC and more.

The company’s philosophy is “your vacation starts from the minute you visit our site.”  CruiseDirect has 10 reasons why travelers should book with them. Click here to view the list.

CruiseDirect promise to always provide the best and cheapest deals possible. They vow to match every cheap price rates out there.


VRRcU3bTheir website is pretty standard for a travel company that serves as the middleman. Customers can choose the cruise line they want, the destination they want to reach and how many days they want to stay above water. The company doesn’t charge booking fees and travelers who booked their trip early can pay deposit or installment.


They offer cruise deals for a single passengers and groups.They also offer last minute cruises and provide information about top destinations. Their elite travel team updates offers for cruises, confirm the price rates and then sell it to the customers. As simple as that. Pretty sure that most customers are looking forward to their vacation on ship and consider their destination as a stop over.

Cruise vacation deals with information are provided on their homepage to help customers choose quickly. Keep in mind that this offers limited, first come first serve.

Their most popular cruise lines are Carnival cruises, Celebrity cruises and Costa cruises.


Customer Support

Their phone support is open all week long from 6am to midnight EST. They have two phone lines, one for USA and Canada customers and one for international customers. They also have email support for enquires. For a more direct conversation, the company provides a live chat support. If those features aren’t available or enough, the website includes information for frequently asked questions. For more information click here.


What people are saying

There are only a few online reviews for CruiseDirect, on, there were only 5 reviews prior to the time this article was written. Out of those 5 reviews 3 gave the company a perfect 5 star rating, 1 review gave a 2 star rating  and the last one gave CruiseDirect a 1 star rating. The positive reviews says that the company provides efficient service and affordable deals. The customer who gave the 1 star rating was furious when he didn’t get the discount the company promised. He also claims that CruiseDirect doesn’t operate customer support at tall. He wrote a letter to the company but he never got a response.

According to a review on, CruiseDirect is one of the leading cruise service sites and provides credible deals. The review also states some of CruiseDirect’s gap, one in particular is that they don’t have a comparison deal function.

It’s hard to tell if the company is really as amazing as the review says it is. There are limited online reviews to pass judgement and over-all rating for the company.

Contact Information:

  • Website URL:
  • Phone Number: 1-888-407-2784 (within USA and Canada) 001-973-256-3136 (outside USA and Canada)
  • Email Support: click here


It’s hard to determine whether CruiseDirect has a consistency with good service or not. One thing for sure is that the company is in the right track with the usual way of doing things. Let’s see what the future has in store for the company.

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    1. Have you ever board a Norwegian cruise?If you havent, then I highly recommend that you do. It might change your mind about the best cruises in the world.

  1. after reading this article, I kinda feel the urge to seek vacation on a big ship. My parents encouraged me to engage on cruises but I’ve never considered it. This time I might!


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