Diversity of Online Travel Services

The flexibility of travel services these days is truly astounding. In the early days, people could only resort to the services airlines provided. Now we have travel sites that offer discounted deals for flights, hotels, car rentals and more. Some of these sites even help travelers monitor flight progress and daily schedules.

Value of Money (Cheap deals)

Not all travelers have a lot of money, so they would prefer to avail cheaper price rates for their plane tickets. Online travel agency’s like Flighthub, Orbitz and CheapOair provide flight deals with discounted prices.

For example, Flighthub offers an 80% discount for selected flight deals, most deals are reduced to help travelers who are on a budget. It may seems hard to believe at first, but there are online reviews to support the accuracy of their travel services.


For travel agencies, maintaining a consistent set of efficient travel services is very difficult. Since they only serve as the middle man between the buyers (travelers) and sellers (airlines, hotels, etc), they don’t have control over price rates and offers which are likely to change, either increase or decrease. The moment price rates increase is also an instigator for complaints and confusion.

Customers who have already completed their travel transaction are going to be frustrated to be notified by the agency for additional fees, this is the biggest problem most agencies experience.

The best decision (Flight deals comparison)

Since most travel agencies provide cheap deals, it will be hard to determine which one offers the cheapest. You enter the information necessary for searching flights, deals are presented, then you have the option to compare the deals shown to you to other deals with the same travel information.

Travel agency’s who sell tickets often include this function to somehow say to each other, “hey I provide cheaper deals than you.” Companies like Kayak and Skyscanner provide deals comparing services to help travelers make the best decisions. However, sites that provide this function are also at a disadvantage. For example, Kayak offers an affordable flight deal from Vancouver to New York, if the customer decided to compare it to other sites, the possibility of him finding a cheaper flight is high.


Flight Status

Most airlines help customers monitor daily flights by providing information about schedules, weather condition, departure time, arrival time and more. However, not all airlines have that feature, it’s a good thing that there are travel sites who distribute flight status and progress. Flightstats is one of those sites, visit their website, type the airline and flight number to find out the current progress of a certain flight.


Is it a good thing that travel services are becoming more specific that the industry becomes more crowded than before? These travel companies aid airlines to really provide a complete package of travel services. I wonder if there are more ideas to surface about new services, it’s going to be a long shot surely, but not impossible.

This article is to provide a better understanding about different types of travel services. Hope you guys found this article informative and be sure to leave your comments if you have some concerns.


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