Exotic foods around the World

People love eating, each and everyone of us has our own favorite food, burger, burrito, pasta, etc. We tend to eat the food that is familiar to us, call it the comfort zone of eating if you may.

People eat delicious foods, for a change, why not try the exotic dishes.

This list will include the most bizarre and exotic foods to ever existed, this is not mouth-watering, prepare your stomach.


Balut or Balot

This famous filipino street food has been a favorite of millions of people in and out of the country. This unborn duck food is considered a delicacy in the Philippines. Each egg is boiled and eaten right out of the shell. Filipinos have been enjoying balot with a dash of salt and a drop of vinegar. Balot is rich in calories and calcium. Hope you don’t mind eating undeveloped beak and duck feet.


14.02.12-mjs-eating-a-still-beating-heart-in-vietnam-820x400Live Cobra Heart

In Vietnam, people kill cobras, rip out their hearts and then eat them. That’s right,  there’s no cooking process, they simply extract the cobra’s heart, wash it with cobra blood, put it in their mouth and then swallow it. Vietnam also makes snake wine out of fermented dead cobras.


Deep fried Tarantula spiders

Fried Tarantula

The Thai Zebra Tarantula is a favorite in Cambodia. Yes it is poisonous, hairy and a little sticky, but the Cambodians fry it until the entire body becomes crispy. Street vendors and high-end restaurants serve this dish.




Dancing Squid

This water-creature is famous because of its unique feature of dancing despite being dead. Each squid is served in a bowl, the brain might be dead, but the squid’s muscle cells are still alive and reacts from sodium chloride or salt. Pour some soy sauce and see your food spasm.


Soup_No_5Soup #5

The name sounds cool and pretty sophisticated, but the main ingredients for this soup is bull testes or penis. This dish contains aphrodisiac properties that increases an individual’s sexual desire, or so the legend claims.


Bulldog-SashimiBullfrog Sashimi

Nothing more fresh than a bullfrog being stabbed and skinned to death seconds before serving. This dish is prepared with fresh frog meat served on ice with lemon slices. You might feel sorry for the frog after the preparation. To top it all off, the dish is served with the upper body part of the frog including the head with its eyes still blinking because of its involuntary muscles.


Wasp Crackers

Not your typical cracker that can be dipped in cheese. Nothing special really, boiled wasp bits are mixed with cracker dough and voilà, wasp craker. This might not be a good match for afternoon tea. So if someone offered you a cracker with small dark bits, you might want to see if it’s chocolate or wasp flavored.



Cow brain burger

USA is famous for their great selection of burgers from cow, pork and chicken meat. To expand the burger horizon, people started frying cow brain and stuffing it into buns. Same animal, different taste and different texture. Don’t worry though, there are vegetables and sauces to accompany you and hold your hand during the meal. I wonder what would happen if Burger King served Cow brain burger.


Bear Claw

This is not the usual danish tasty pastry, it’s exactly what it sounds like, bear hand with the claws. This food is actually one of the most expensive foods in China. The bear claw stew is a great source of energy. There are activists who are fighting for bear rights and life. Imagine if Russia heard about this.




The table has turned for sharks with this dish. People from Iceland would bury rotting shark meat in the ground and let it stay there to release all the toxins. After decomposing for months the white meat is separated from the rest and is consumed by people. The process of preparation for this dish is delicate, one miscalculation and you might end up eating meat rich in uric acid.


These dishes are not for the faint of heart, only a few people might have the guts to give them a try.

Hope you guys had a great time reading this article despite the disturbing content. Feel free to leave your comments below.



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