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The inclination of development is rampant for each travel agency in the industry. Everyone wants to get and stay ahead. There are some agencies who manage to earn millions and still are not able to claim the throne.


According to their website, “Expedia is the world’s leading online travel company,” really? Expedia was founded in 1966 as a division from Microsoft.

The current CEO of Expedia is 46 years old Dara Khosrowshahi from Tehran, Iran. Dara held the position since 2005, Expedia was able to expand to over 60 countries worldwide. The New York times recognized Dara’s “comprehensive digital and international experience.”

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia
Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia

Customer Conclusion

Looks like Expedia is a self-proclaimed agency, why? The company got a one star rating on Consumeraffairs and Trustpilot. Frustrated customers submitted their reviews to attack Expedia’s poor travel services, information dissemination and customer service support.

One traveler was furious when the company failed to help her with a simple task of altering bookings. Expedia then demanded extra money to complete his reservation. She then vowed to never trust Expedia again. Most of the review subjects state that Expedia is useless, poor in service, a scam and a very ridiculous company. Their poor  customer service support was also targeted for being too passive and irrelevant.

Looks like the “World’s leading online travel company,” needs a lot of improvements.

The Website

The interface features are pretty standard for travel sites. They have a small sign on the homepage that says, “best price guarantee.” Expedia

Searching for flights and other itinerary arrangements is easy. They also provide last minute flights and different travel activities for travelers.

Expedia’s homepage

For frequent travelers, Expedia created one program to help travelers receive updates easily, the Ultimate Scratchpad. Monitoring daily flight status is also available with this program.

Mobile Application

In order to expand their horizon, Expedia created their own mobile application to make travel transaction a breeze. Most of the website functions are available on the application.

Expedia’s mobile application

Customer support

Their customer support line is available 24/7 to help travelers with their problems and concern. But Expedia makes use of email service more to have an active interaction with their customers day and night. They also have a page solely to provide information about their travel services and policies.


Expedia put out a lot for promotion to make more noise throughout the world. Despite thousands of negative reviews, Expedia is one of the most recognized travel agencies in the world. In 2013, the agency was recognized as the “World’s leading online travel agency website” by the 2013 World Travel Awards.

Expedia’s contact information:


It’s without a doubt that Expedia is one of the leading travel companies in the world, one of, not the leading one. Expedia has been alive for almost half a century, the agency really knows its way around the industry. However, there are still gaps whic need to be bridged in order to fully be consistent in providing efficient service.

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  1. I’ve had a couple of good experience with expedia and some bad ones. The deals they provide are accurate, I think they really have to do something about their customers service.


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