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What do you know about Cleveland other than Lebron James being part of the Cleveland Cavaliers? By the way, James was born in Akron City and not in Cleveland. Anyway enough about that, before this travel destination review turns into a cager article.

Cleveland is the most populous county in the state of Ohio. Cleveland isn’t an ideal travel destination for most people in the world to be honest, but that doesn’t mean the city is a dull one.

Cleveland offers a variety of attractions and activities for travelers. So, the next time you decided to visit the “Forest City,” here are some of the things to look forward too.

Did you know that Cleveland is “The Rock and Roll Capital of the World?” Rock and Roll music is a vital part of Cleveland. In fact, the phrase was first used during the radio program of American disc jockey Alan Freed aka Moondog, when he played a combination of Blues and Country; the show was dubbed as “The Rock and Roll Session.”

rock-n-roll-hall-of-fame-by-junior-sam1The famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the city along the Rock and Roll Blvd. The glass pyramid is home to many memorabilias like guitars, band equipments, rockstar clothes, pictures, and more of the greatest rock bands and artists to ever rock the whole world. The museum also exhibits collections for different music genre like Pop and Country.


West-Side-FF-MadnessIf you want an exploratory taste of the city, make your way to the famous West Side Market. It’s the oldest market space in all of Cleveland. People from all over the US visit the market to shop and learn about it’s rich history and development. Most of the stalls in the market are managed by the same families since 1912. Generation after generation, these folks had been selling fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, meats, and some of the most exotic spices in the world. In 2013, the market had to shut down because of a fire. Don’t worry though, the market is now back in business.

One of the most visited art museums in the world is the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA). The museum honors the different types of art, whether it be on canvass, installation, performance art or streaming on a screen. The museum exhibits some of the most prestigious paintings of Henri Matisse and Claude Monet.  Some of the exhibits are just borrowed from major collectors and are sure to move to another museum for display. The museum also holds lectures on several topics like art persona, gardening, and more. CMA also launched art programs for the community of Cleveland, like the stage mural projects, art workshops, and seminars. They also stream movies and documentary films.

1682285427_992a0cc536_zTravelers looking for some hiking or strolling opportunities will sure enjoy the majestic Rocky River Reservation. The best time of year to visit this place is during fall, when travelers get a chance to witness the beautiful hues of gold and orange signaling the shift from the searing summer heat to a milder temperature. You can go hiking at the park or maybe enjoy an afternoon picnic at a shade next to the river. You can also engage on bird and deer sighting. However, hunting game is banned in these parts.

One of the most beautiful and mysterious places to visit in Cleveland is the Lake View Cemetery. A little odd for a cemetery to be an attraction, but it is one of the most visited sites by tourists. Here lies the remains of 20th U.S. President James A. Garfield, the Rockefeller family, Alan Freed, Ernest Ball, and other famous personalities. The Garfield memorial is the most visited part of the cemetery with its gothic and romanesque architecture. You should also see the Rockefeller Family Obelisk and some of the angel tombstones that decorate that mausoleums and graves.

How about some appreciation for flowers and animals this time? The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to common zoo animals like hippos, lions, giraffes, gorillas, etc.. The zoo features different natural exhibits like the “Rainforest,” “Wolf Wilderness,” “Monkey Island,” and “Pachyderm.” Visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden to see a wide array of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. The variety of plant species is too much to handle and will surely put a smile on your face. This would be a great bonding experience with your kids.

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day2-2After a day of touring the best facilities, parks, and museums in the city, unwind by killing some time and burning some money in hopes of winning at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. Slot machines, card games, table games, and electronic table games await everyone who is fond of taking risks. A horseshoe is said to be lucky right? Why not try your luck here, then.

There is so much more to do in Cleveland other than watch a Cavaliers game at the Quicken Loans Arena. Explore the city and enjoy the simple and not-so simple things in life this fascinating city has to offer.

What’re you waiting for? Experience Cleveland, Ohio now!


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