FareCompare Reviews

FareCompare Reviews

Rick Seaney and Graeme Wallace are the founders of FareCompare in 2004 with the supervision of XXI Technologies. Seaney and Wallace also co-founded XXI Technologies in 2000. That pretty much explains why Rick Seaney is the current Chief Executive Officer of FareCompare while Wallace holds the position of Chief Technology Officer.

FareCompare Reviews-Rick Seaney
Rick Seaney

XXI Technologies had developed their travel databases when they were working on a project for Hotels.com. But, when Expedia bought Hotels, XXI Technologies’ work was discarded as well. There’s when they finally started their own privately-owned travel company under FareCompare.

What is FareCompare?

FareCompare Reviews-pageFareCompare’s main products are travel services and airfare information. Most agencies focus on promoting deals; probably they wanted to stand out, but they’re just like your average travel booking site wherein it allows customers to look for flights and hotel reservations. Other than flights and hotels, FareCompare provides travel tips and advice for travelers to make the best out of their travel deals.

There are also unique features that deserve to be mentioned. One is the “Ask Rick,” feature. Rick Seaney, the CEO of FareCompare, records podcasts about travel management on the website for customers to listen to. They also include news about different travel factors with statistics.

FareCompare Reviews-mobile appThe mobile version of FareCompare is called “Eventurist”. The travel app’s features is just a complete replica of the PC version. The mobile application is ready to be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Though, just a heads up, recent FareCompare reviews regarding the travel app are not pleasing. One reviewer even said:
This is a terrible app. Every time I navigate away from my search, my parameters completely disappear. This is incredibly frustrating as every time.”

Talking about recognition? FareCompare was nominated as World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website in 2013 and 2014 by World’s Travel Awards, but that’s it; they were only nominated, because in both years they lost to Kayak and Dohop.

Unfortunately, there were negative FareCompare reviews about their overall functionality, being cluttered and full of pop-ups. Speaking of feedback, let’s look at what have the consumers have to say.

Stay Away from FareCompare!

Checking FareCompare reviews online, we saw some legit feedback on SiteJabber. Consumers had given the travel site an overall score of 1.5/5 rating.

FareCompare Reviews-negativeThere were complaints about their services, negative reviews stating their deals are not reliable at all. The deals are not valid and change during payment. Their customer support also took some beating; one traveler was furious when he was on hold for 40 minutes and then halfway around booking his flight, his call was disconnected, so he tried calling again and got disconnected once more.

I guess, the best way is to follow the notion “To see is to believe”, here, check the FareCompare reviews:
FareCompare Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                    http://www.farecompare.com/
  • Contact Number:               1-877-477-7441
  • Fax Number:                      972-755-1062 (FareCompare LP)
  • Head Office Address:       18111 Preston Road, Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75252


”Our goal is to empower you to make confident decisions when purchasing flights.” as their slogan goes. But, this doesn’t seem to be the case going on here. Customers are being doubtful about booking and making a reservation with FareCompare. Judging through the reviews we just gathered and discovered, they explained why consumers were turned to complainants.

Have you booked with FareCompare before? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. Like the rating says, “STAY AWAY” from Farecompare.com!
    I made a reservation for a hotel stay and just after I hit the Reserve button, I realized I booked the wrong date. So I cancelled the reservation and REBOOKED the hotel for the correct date WTHIN 3 MINUTES of my first reservation. Well, Farecompare.com says I HAVE to pay the $25 cancellation


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