Fiji Airways Reviews

Fiji Airways Reviews

The country found on the South Pacific is not just all about an archipelago with 300 islands, because it’s famous for its palm-lined beaches, blue lagoons and landscape: a natural attraction for a lot of tourists. In this review, we’ll be talking about the national airline of Fiji. Fasten your seatbelt and let’s have a ride to the Top 100th from the world’s top 100 airlines in 2015, Fiji Airways!

The Beginning

Fiji Airways Reviews-Harold Gatty
Harold Gatty

After World War II, an Australian navigator, Harold Gatty had moved to Fiji and established an airline, Katafaga Estates Ltd. Later in 1951, the airline was rebranded to Fiji Airways making a New Zealander its first chief pilot. However, when the founder died in 1958, Fiji Airways was acquired by Qantas with the aim of creating international support.

Now, Fiji Airways has a total of 9 aircraft: (5) Boeing and (4) Airbus serving 17 direct-flight destinations in the Pacific Ocean region and following codeshare agreements with: Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Solomon Airlines. Fiji Airways operates at Nadi International Airport.

Flying with Fiji Airways

The national airline of Fiji has two kinds of cabin services: Economy and Business.

Fiji Airways Reviews-EconomyEconomy Class – passengers are being accommodated by the crew who are naturally friendly and elegant. Plus, the relaxed cabin decor won’t make the passenger feel it’s just economy, because the hospitality of the Fijian is felt on board. Seatback AVOD are available to keep passengers entertained, which are not only for adults but can be used by children too.

Fiji Airways Reviews-BusinessBusiness Class – passengers are being accommodated before and during their flight. Upon boarding, dedicated check-in and increased baggage allowance are part of their privilege as business class travellers which also include express airport lanes and access to lounge facilities at selected airports. On board, customers are offered three-course meals, wines and spirits. Individual screens can be enjoyed with a full range of entertainment.

Since the origin of the airline is at the South Pacific, experience cuisine from their extensive international dishes with a full range of beverages. Spirits are also available for purchase. Fiji Airways follows similar frequent flyer programs with Qantas.

Official Website

The official page is easy to navigate and understandable by its users. According to some Fiji Airways reviews, the site choice of theme color is pleasing to the eyesight. Specially, the page functionality is crisp as well. I can agree with these Fiji Airways reviews, since the overall package of the site looks really appealing. Plus, the flashing images of international destinations adds to the general appearance of the site. Moving forward, the official website is similar to other airlines if based on services.
Fiji Airways Reviews-page
Travellers can search and book their flights online. They can also manage their bookings online. Checking flight status and timetable are also shown as an option to access on the official page. In a nutshell, Fiji Airways’ page offers not only services but also information regarding news, inflight classes, policies and customer support. Though unfortunately, Fiji Airways hasn’t extended their services to a mobile version.

Fiji Airways Reviews of Travellers

Fiji Airways Reviews-crewJudging through 211 Fiji Airways reviews posted on Skytrax, the airline is not the most reliable airline you should be trying. They scored 4/10 total rating on The root cause of this low score was from several complaints. Most of the passengers are not satisfied with Fiji Airways’ overall service on board. Majority of the complaints were rooted from Business Class travellers sharing their not-so-business-class flight and experience with the flag carrier.

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Fiji Airways Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number:                  +679 6 720 777
  • Contact Email:            
  • Fax Number:                         +679 6 720 512
  • Head Office Address:           Air Pacific Centre Nasoso Road Nadi Airport, Fiji

In The End

As the amazing paradise of Fiji had been at the high ranks of being one of the most visited countries, their airline should be doing some improvement with their on board services because this might affect not only their air service business but also their country’s tourism too. My friend once flew with them and just gave a neutral review about the airline. How about you? Have you flown with them? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. NAN to VLI was a neutral flight. I just want to see the paradise Vanuatu and the closest airline I can book with was Fiji. Getting to my point. the crew were actually racist and unprofessional. Good thing the head crew was more decent, they always have been. Apart from my inflight-bad-attendant experience. Everyhting went well. Yes, I would definitely fly with them again, as long as the crew doesn’t include that mean lady.


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