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Travellers, tourists or simplified as valued customers, are the top priority of the leading Canadian travel site. What actually triggered us to start writing a travel or mobile app review was because recently, customers been talking about the FlightHub App. Yes, one of the most reliable tools to book flights, make a hotel reservation online or car rental services is through a mobile device or a tablet. FlightHub App was prepared for these features.

FlightHub made travelling comfortable with booking online, but made it easier with travel app booking. The one-stop shop for travel needs had extended their services to both Android and iOS users (to get the direct link to download the FlightHub Travel App, refer to the list below):

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flighthub&hl=en

iOS:        https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/flighthub/id1068318118?mt=8

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FlightHub App’s layout was designed to give a simple impression yet is efficient. Another good thing about this travel app: customers can either choose a roundtrip, oneway or multiple city flight. Other mobile applications just simply search from location to destination. Keeping the theme color of FlightHub was one of the best decisions because it kept an impressive aura and mood to users. See what I mean on their feedback.

FlightHub App Reviews

As one of the leading online travel agencies, FlightHub had been one of the in-demand travel sites being used by frequent flyers. With FlightHub, customers can search and book for airfares. Their extended services include hotel reservations, car rental services, and travel guides.

travel appFlightHub has exclusive, direct exclusive, and direct access to many wholesalers, airlines, and hotel suppliers in Canada. Through this, it was easy for them to simplify their goal: a hassle-free travelling by eliminating multiple stops, and the best deals offered starting from the cheapest; they edge with their software capabilities to index every possible flight and combination. With this method, it lessens the burden of travellers of speaking to several travel agents, by just booking directly with them.

FlightHub App Reviews of Customers

Here are the samples of the recently posted FlightHub App Reviews online:

FlightHub App Reviews-commentSince the FlightHub App was just recently made, there were not much feedback shown online. However, checking on social media sites, FlightHub App has been the talk of the town. Since, one of the good factors of the new travel app was giving a limited offer of an instant (upto) $20 off. This hooked many tourists to grasp more of FlightHub. Some reviewers even compared FlightHub to be like Expedia and Skyscanner. One reviewer even said,  “Finally a good and reliable travel app with budget-friendly flight rates.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 http://www.flighthub.com/
  • Contact Number:           1-800-900-1431 or Direct – 1-647-689-2956
  • Contact Email:               customercare@flighthub.com        
  • Head Office Address:    11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3, Canada


FlightHub App Reviews-developmentNot all travel apps have both versions of applications available on different operating systems. The FlightHub App is basically a mobile version of the PC service. Though, travellers are looking forward to seeing more of travel app changes and updates in the future, but so far, no complaints are shown online regarding the overall functionality of the travel app. FlightHub booking had been developing ever since; now your dream holiday booking can be done at the palm of your hand.


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