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FlightHub Reviews 2018

FlightHub Reviews 2018 – Travel Observers


A new year is upon us at Travel Observers and so that means we’ll be taking another look at all the travel companies we reviewed last year to see if and how they changed. Today we’ll be looking at, an online travel agency that claims to give their customers up to 80% off ticket prices. Let’s see how they are doing so far in 2018.


FlightHubs main office is based in Cornwall, Ontario Canada and is considered the largest online travel agency to serve Canada. They have over 20 years of experience in the travel industry and employ nearly 200 employees to-date.

What Customers are Saying Across the Web:

FlightHub Reviews on SiteJabber

They received a 3.5/ 5 star rating on SiteJabber, a trusted online open review platform. That number is based on 2,272 total reviews. This is a very good sign for a company considering many of the competitors of theirs that we reviewed scored much lower.






SiteJabber/ Flighthub Reviews Breakdown:

A break down of those 2,272 reviews shows that the top rated aspects about the company was the value people received, the quality and the overall service. None of which scored under 4 stars. The only aspect to score beneath a 4 star rating was the “shipping” which to our knowledge isn’t applicable to Flighthub and so it’s likely that FlightHubs customers were simply confused using SiteJabbers rating system and just filled it in as “whatever”.








Actual Customer Testimonials about FlightHub on SiteJabber. 

Here are a few reviews directly from the first page of SiteJabber. While we weren’t exactly able to located any seething negative reviews (we’re sure they do indeed exist for a company this size) here’s a nice mix batch of what people are actually saying about FlightHub on SiteJabber.
















FlightHub Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is yet another huge online review platform where customers can submit their experience about companies. FlightHub has received A LOT of attention on TrustPilot and so for this 2018 FlightHub review it simply made sense to look at what people were saying there.

Out of 70,199 reviews on TrustPilot, Flighthub received an impressive 4/5 star rating, or”Great”. TrustPilot is a highly trusted review platform, so let’s have a closer look at what’s going on on that page.






Just like with SiteJabber, we’ll also be taking a look at what customer actually said about the company. The great thing about review sites like TrustPilot is that in order for a customer to submit a review they must prove that they indeed make a purchase with the company by submitting their invoice number. This prevents fake reviews from appearing from competitors or just generally angry people. You’ll see under the username of each flighthub review poster “verified order”. This means that TrustPilot did indeed verify that the order was legitimate, lending credibility to the users statement.






















And again, the Flighthub reviews on TrustPilot were unanimously positive. It seems as though FlightHub is off to a great start in 2018. We were not able to find many verified negative reviews on FlightHub so we’re not going to publish them here. The only ones we did encounter came from a questionable source at best. 


Now that we got the reviews out of the way, let’s have a look at the functionality and ease of use on FlightHubs website.

First of all, one thing we really appreciate is that if you ever get stuck in your booking process FlightHub makes it easy to contact their 24/7 support line with a bright orange banner in their header (top of the site).

We even called the number with a bogus flight itinerary to test out their service. The rep that we spoke to was very friendly, helpful and didn’t push upsells on us. We told them we would call back later to confirm the booking. We went right up to the end of the booking process and had no issues with their support what-so-ever.

Next, we searched for an itinerary through their search engine. We searched for a round trip ticket from Montreal to Calgary. The list of prices loaded up very fast and provided us with many options from airline, to booking times, flight duration and layover airports.

Out of curiosity we searched the same flight on one of Flighthubs competitors websites to compare the prices to see who’s cheaper. We won’t name the competitor but flighthub was considerably cheaper. This was a completely unfiltered search, meaning that it was the cheapest available flight from both parties. Here are the results.


FlightHub Price

Competitor Price

So as you can see, FlightHub was $35.22 cheaper in that instance. It doesn’t mean that they will always be cheaper but keep in mind it always pays to shop around. A penny saved is a penny earned!


All in all, we give Flighthub a 4.5/ 5 star rating. This is based upon our experinece in navigating the website, investigating the prices against competitors and of course ensuring that our one time positive experience matched up to what the massess of customers were saying about the online travel agency. For more information you can contact and visit FlightHub below.

Contact numbers:

Toll free: 1-800-900-1431

Direct: 1-647-689-2956


Flighthub Inc.
11½ Second Street West,
Cornwall, Ontario,
K6J 1G3



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