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Most of the travel agencies these days started out very small. Some of them started out with two employees doing all the work while others established their operation in a small garage converted to a workplace. So remind yourself that some of the tiniest beginnings end up being the victors in different industries.

FlightNetwork successfully managed to stay in business all these years, the question is how is the company doing?

Origins and Ownership

imagesFlightNetwork was founded originally founded 1998 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada by Naman Budheo. In 2005, they relaunched the company for a full-time travel service provider. During those days, there was only one all-around part time employee working for the company. Now the company is being operated by over 350 employees all over the world.

It’s obvious with the company name that they sell flight deals. The flight deals are actually not their travel products, they only serve as the middle-man for travel companies and travelers. Throughout the years, FlightNetwork gained the trust of other travel companies like hotels and car rental agencies.

The company then expanded their services and established several offices around the globe.

The Website

9u3pGo9FlightNetwork’s website is pretty cluttered but in a good way. They were able to maximize the entire page and the interface is still easy to navigate.

Travelers can search and book flights within minutes. They can also avail of other travel products like vacation packages, cruises, hotel reservations and car rentals. The company promises the cheapest deals possible.

FlightNetwork offers flight deals to almost 20 countries worldwide.

FlightNetwork has two functions to help travelers gain the best discount they can possibly get.

Price Drop Protection

Price rates for flight deals often decreases, so if a customer already paid the fix price for a flight deal that went down, the extra amount he paid will be converted to points so he can use them for his future travel transactions.

Price Watch

Can you guess the function of this one? It’s simple, the price rates of each travel products are monitored daily so they can notify customers about sudden price rate changes.

Travel Support

FlightNetwork operates a 24/7 phone support for customer enquiries. They also have email support and social media accounts for Facebook and Twitter. Their Help Center page includes frequently asked questions for general information.


What People are Saying

It seems that FlightNetwork was able to provide satisfactory services to most of their customers.

3F2g81YOn Trustpilot.com, FlightNetwork got a 7.7 out of a 10 star rating. Most of the positive reviews appreciate the company’s friendly user website. One traveler said that he was able to book with ease and is looking forward to his travel experience. Their credibility with their services was backed up with some reviews saying that the company provides the best and cheapest deals possible.

On Sitejabber.com, the travel agency received a 78% thumbs up rating. Most of the reviews gave the company a 5 star rating.


Of course negative reviews can’t be avoided. Some customers recommend other travel sites because according to them, FlightNetwork is nothing more than a “scam.” Some of the deals weren’t reliable and some offers were misleading.

Well, you can’t please anyone.

In a Nutshell

Looks like FlightNetwork is pretty good with landing on its feet. The company is in the right track and might be a formidable rival against Redtag or Flighthub. It’s fair to say that FlightNetwork is growing quickly, but improvements are still entertained.

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