FlightNetwork Reviews

FlightNetwork Reviews

FlightNetwork Reviews-Naman Budhdeo
Naman Budhdeo


The Canadian-based online travel agency which was established by Naman Budhdeo in 1998 was said to be the specialist in providing global travellers with the lowest-price airfares, hotels, vacation packages, and car rentals. Well, we can’t be sure about that. Join me as we observe how is it to book with FlightNetwork.

Networking flights with FlightNetwork

FlightNetwork is said to be one of the leading online travel agencies in Canada with over 300 employees and it had been receiving the honor as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada by PROFIT magazine.

The interface is pleasing to the eyes but it seems like it’s pretty much similar to the layout and color of SkyScanner. Maybe there’s a sneaky story behind that, or I’m just paranoid! Now, let’s check out the features and services of FlightNetwork:
FlightNetwork Reviews-pageOn FlightNetwork, travellers can do similar things like other online travel agencies such as searching for airfares, vacation packages, hotel reservations, cruises and car rentals. To inspire customers on where to go, Top Travel Deals and Destinations provides information about the latest deals and best places to visit.

In 2012, the option to change the language of FlightNetwork was added. You will see the language selector on the top right is interchangeable to English and French only. I wonder how Eastern countries will deal with this.
FlightNetwork Reviews-mobile appFlightNetwork already has a mobile version of their services and it’s available in the App store and Google Play store. This travel app has a safety-first precaution for payments to be secured and in case customers need to talk with a live agent, the option is available in the mobile app. The mobile travel app is connected to the customer’s Facebook account.

FlightNetwork Reviews of Customers

As their company slogan says “Search no further”. Yes, we won’t search further with FlightNetwork since judging through FlightNetwork reviews, the Canadian-based travel site is not a reliable source for travellers to book their flights with. After reading several FlightNetwork reviews, I am more convinced that they are definitely the leader in providing the worst travel service.

To enlighten you, here’s one reviewer who recently posted:
FlightNetwork Reviews-complaint“The worst experience ever. I tried to book my trip to Thailand using their services and was unable to get my ticket confirmed. They said my card didn’t go through even though my bank statement reflects that the money is being withdrawn. They went ahead and cancelled my airfare purchase but  my money is still pending being cleared by the bank, after which I  will file a claim.
They’re making my leisure trip a nightmare.
I would rate them no star if i could.”

FlightNetwork Reviews-logo

How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     http://www.flightnetwork.com/
  • Contact Number:              +1-905-829-8699 / (877) 496-4815
  • Contact Email:                   customercare@flightnetwork.com
  • Fax Number:                      (905) 829-9102
  • Head Office Address:        2947-A Portland Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5S4, Canada


I am glad that I was able to write a review about FlightNetwork. We hope this was an early warning to everyone to stay away with this online travel agency. It’s unbelievably too cheap and prices are not guaranteed. I advise they should try at least to be legit with their services. By chance, do you have any experience with them? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. My last booking with FlightNetwork was a few years ago, when I got great deals on Rome and Hawaii flights. I had forgotten how smooth the whole experience with, as I have been booking through corporate for a while now. My latest booking reminded me how good this site is.


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