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Travel agency’s these days are having a difficult time because they’re becoming more crowded in the industry. More competitors more challenges, more competitors less customers.  It’s tough right now for agency’s, the best way to cope is to probably initiate great improvements and come up with something new.

Then and Now

Flightstats has been in the travel agency industry since their establishment on October 1st, 2001. The fact that they’re still alive right now is a sign that they know their way around the industry. Flightstats was founded by Tom Hutchinson and Jeff Kennedy, Hutchinson is the current CEO while Kennedy serves as the company’s president.

Tom Hutchinson, CEO of Flightstats
Tom Hutchinson, CEO of Flightstats

Customer Feedback

There aren’t much online reviews to evaluate the company’s performance in the industry. Flightstats got a 5 out of 5 star rating on Sitejabber. Both reviews were positive, that’s right there are only two reviews during the time this article was written. Flightstats has been in business since 2001, it’s a little odd that the agency doesn’t get talked about much.

On Glassdoor there were online reviews but they weren’t from customers, the feedback was submitted by Flightstat employees sharing their opinion about working for the agency. The reviews on this website even mentioned some gaps within the company like employees aren’t getting along that much and customer service isn’t that efficient.


The agency might consider enlarging the search bar on their homepage. The design is a little uneven, the page isn’t optimized well because most of the page is covered by background images.

Flightstats doesn’t actually serve as the middle man for selling. Their main goal is to provide flight information and status to monitor progress. Flightstats is a tracker, not seller. Flightstats is actually entirely a customer information provider.

Mobile Application


To establish a more convenient way of checking flight status, the company created their own mobile application for smartphones. Information about flight schedules, flight number and airlines are easily disseminated through the app.

Customer Service

The company honours phone assistance for a more conversive way of giving out information. They also  provide the contact information for their press and media divisions.

Flightstats also has email service wherein customers can submit their concerns directly to the company and have someone address their queries. A map showing the direction to their headquarters is included in their contact page for customers who want face-to-face service.


Since Flightstats is not actually a selling travel company, reviews doesn’t surface very often unlike with leading travel agency’s like Flighthub, Expedia or Hotwire. The company strives to provide accurate information for as many airlines as they can.

Flightstats’ contact information:

  • Website:
  • Tel No: 503.274.0938 (Corporate Headquarters) 503.445.4231 (Press contact)
  • Fax No: 503.274.0939
  • Address: 522 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97204 USA


It’s pretty awesome for Flightstats to cater mostly to providing travel service information. For travelers who are having a hard time dealing with travel agency’s and airlines’ customer service, try contacting Flightstats. Providing accurate information is their forte. Hope you guys found this Flightstats review informative. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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