FlightTrack App Reviews

FlightTrack App Reviews

FlightTrack App Reviews-mobiataFlightTrack, from the name of the travel app itself, defines what is the role of the mobile application. FlightTrack was actually created by Mobiata, a mobile application specialist. FlightTrack is also partnered with Expedia in their services. At first, FlightTrack was launched for iOS users back in 2008 by Ben Kazez. Since, Expedia had acquired Mobiata in 2010. Both are providing customers the best of travel tracking side by side.

To download this travel app for free, click the following links below:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobiata.flighttrack.five
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id716913565?mt=8
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How Does FlightTrack App Work?

featuresFlightTrack doesn’t have its own web page; the way to see the features and services of FlightTrack online is through Mobiata. Since the company that created FlightTrack is an expert in this field, we expected much and weren’t disappointed to navigate around their interface. To avoid confusion in the Google Play Store and App Store, the travel app is shown as “FlightTrack 5,” since the name is a generalized term often being compared to FlightAware which is completely not related to Mobiata or Expedia.

app-iconTracking your flight with FlightTrack is free. This informs customers of their travel details 24/7. This includes real time departure and arrival. Tracking flights with this app is not that hard, since it’s color-coded. Other good features of the travel app include sharing flight details with others and even getting notifications. Customers just have to subscribe for the Mobiata updates by entering their email address. Mobiata also has social media accounts that travellers can access, which are Facebook, Twitter, and Dribble.

FlightTrack App Reviews of Consumers

The travel app that promises to provide us flight tracking details had actually been infamous online. Even after the updates FlightTrack made, customers are being more frustrated using FlightTrack for the new design made it more confusing and harder to navigate. One reviewer also mentioned, “I’m also getting multiple flight status alerts for flights that have been deleted or replaced on my trip. Very frustrating.” and some other problems like “I’ve recently come across an issue where searching for certain routings causes the app to stop responding.”

FlightTrack should definitely work on these concerns or else their loyal customers will quit using them soon.

How To Reach Them?


As much as we want to know where in the world someone or our flight is, it is still safe to make sure that you are using a reliable app to track your flight. According to FlightTrack reviews, we shouldn’t be trusting this travel app. However, it is still worth it to give it a try, since they are part of the best travel apps in the world.

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