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FlyerTalk Reviews

FlyerTalk Reviews-Randy Petersen
Randy Petersen

Since I am admittedly a person with an insatiable wanderlust and an interest for all things new to my senses, I decided to write about FlyerTalk and learn more about this curious online travel website.

Surprisingly, FlyerTalk is an Internet forum centered on discussions about airline frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs, and other topics related to aviation. The predecessor of FlyerTalk, TravelForum, was an idea of an editor and publisher of InsideFlyer magazine, Randy Petersen in 1998. His idea was to involve readers in a website where they can share ideas about basic topics on civil aviation.

In a few years, FlyerTalk grew to an impressive 200 forums and 20,000,000 posts with 20 million views per month and up to 60,000 daily unique visitors. Although founder and CEO Randy Petersen left the company, FlyerTalk is already firmly planted on the ground as it now has 200 employees.

Feed your Need at FlyerTalk
FlyerTalk is an easily explorable page where readers can begin wherever they want to start reading about stuff concerning flights and civil aviation. Certainly, they wouldn’t be lost; in fact it shouldn’t even have to worry them if they get lost in the pages they read since the topics discussed on the website are both informative and entertaining.

Overall, FlyerTalk is a site where consumers can enjoy a wide range of articles, facts, reviews and travelers’ forums regarding airports, destinations and incidents all related to one topic: aviation.
Let us dissect FlyerTalk’s segments. The topmost part shows tabs in News, Forum, MyFlyerTalk, Hotel Reviews, Help, and About. Pretty much, these are self-explanatory. News is the section where readers can see the latest update from airlines, hotels, and airports. These stories are organized in columns. Forum is where consumers can begin and/or locate certain topics they want to participate in. MyFlyerTalk is the section where customers can indulge and subscribe to specific threads once they have created a FlyerTalk account.

Another nifty information about FlyerTalk account is that creating one is free.

Hotel Reviews will direct readers to another page that will initially show them a map powered by Google. There would also be an option to search for a particular hotel destinations or a specific address. I am surprised that when I tried searching for a certain “GoldenEye Resort and Hotel,” it appeared like this:
FlyerTalk Reviews-page(This is really helpful because it will provide you the location and other nearby hotel results too. But you have to scroll down to see the option to view the reviews per hotel)

FlyerTalk Reviews of Readers
FlyerTalk is gaining a lot of positive reviews from readers and consumers and I had to admit I am one of them. I am really entertained at how the site works. It feels like 9gag and Tumblr all rolled into one site. Let me go ahead and share with you the most recent consumer feedback:
“I love flyertalk! It’s a community where you talk about…TRAVEL! It is a forum filled with information on flights, hotels, car rentals, things to do, pictures…. and so much more. It’s free to register and addictive too! I guess you just have to go there to see for yourself!”

My Final Thoughts
Two thumbs up for this genius invention by Randy Petersen. I really love the totality of FlyerTalk. What’s more is, after reading other FlyerTalk reviews, I don’t see any downside with this site. However, they just have to make sure everything that is published are facts and are accurate.

Consumers like me would never want false reviews and unverified articles. Kudos to FlyerTalk!

Have you tried checking their site? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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