Gala Travels Reviews

Gala Travels Reviews

Gala Travels is a Canadian travel site based in Toronto: a family-owned business operated by a travel agency/consolidator serving the Canadian travel industry since 1979. It was said to have an A+ rating with the BBB. The CEO who handles all customer’s inquiries is shown as “Naeem.” But, the name itself is too general: no last name, no biography, and not even a gender. Why keep their leader in secrecy? How should we trust them, then?

How does Gala Travels work?

Gala Travels Reviews-pageI don’t like the overall layout of Gala Travels, it just reminds me of
Ezeego1’s dull interface, not to be harsh. These are the travel sites that need improvement on their page. For I strongly believe, how could you convince a customer, if you’re not even convincing at all?

Basically, Gala Travels lets customers find and book airfares, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and cruises. Groups are also accommodated in Gala Travels, wherein travelers in big numbers or special occasions are educated on what are the things they need to prepare for.

Gala Travels is generous when it comes to sending feedback, suggestions, and offers, for these services are shown all over the page. Feedback are on the right hand, suggestions are at the bottom right, and offers at the middle part, or also known as newsletter.

Vacation Deals is the section of Gala Travels wherein travelers gets a list of the latest vacations packages offered within Canada.  The list is categorized by star rating; price and tax are shown as well. The results of this service can be filtered to a concise city, which is changeable at the top right of the section.

The later part of Gala Travels only shows an access to their company overview, FAQ, list of affiliations and social media accounts, all of which are unreliable.

Gala Travels Reviews of Customers
Gala Travels Reviews-complaints

Complaints and negative feedback of Gala Travels reviews are showing all over. Customers and travelers are not really happy with what they had experienced with Gala Travels. They are even cursing at the site’s bad customer service. One reviewer even said, “You guys had no idea about how difficult is to deal with this agency! In other words…WHOEVER IS READING THIS MUST RUN AWAY AS FAR AS THEY CAN AND BOOK WITH SOMEONE ELSE!”.

Another reviewer almost had the same comment about Gala Travels. She was frustrated when she said, “Run with your money and book somewhere else. I had a bad experience with them. Very bad customer service. I made a huge mistake buying tickets from GALA TRAVELS. I was stuck at the airport for several hours and lost my money. I will never use them again. Not worth the pain when we travel with family.”
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             +1 905-940-4380
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                    888 991 5872
  • Head Office Address:      7780 Woodbine Ave. #2, Markham, ON L3R 2N7, Canada


Based on other Gala Travels reviews, the travel site is one of the untrusted online travel agencies in Canada for their company’s history and biographies lacks legitimacy. Gala Travels doesn’t even have the courtesy to respond to customer’s complaints and feedback which makes customers more agitated with their services, especially when they bluntly show their toll free numbers and such.

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