Get a Room Reviews

Get a Room Reviews

Get a Room Reviews-Robert Diener
Robert Diener

You may know by now what is the meaning of “Get a room.” If you don’t, then let me remind you. The expression is used when you see two couples cuddling and hugging intimately and obviously showing too much public displays of affection. That’s when the term “Get a room” is used: to give them the advice to go somewhere private to express their unsightly exchanging of love.

Get a Room was founded by Robert Diener and David Litman in 2009. The two were also the founders of in 1991. Robert Diener has 25 years of experience in the travel industry and was one of the earliest Internet entrepreneurs. David Litman was Robert’s college classmate who ignited the idea to start a hotel room consolidation business. And, now the two are regular teachers at Cornell Law School.

Why Get a Room?

Get a Room is a niche site according to the President and CEO, Mr. Diener, when he said, “We are more of a niche site but we are growing triple digit rates because consumers want value and we figured out how to deliver that.” Let us see if this is true.

I personally love the interface of Get a Room because it expresses relaxedness and comfort with their sunset background contrasting with the chosen green and greyish black color of the page. With Get a Room, travellers can search for hotel reservations from over 80,000 hotels worldwide.
Get a Room Reviews-pageTo customize the search results, customers have to enter their destination, date/duration, room, and vacationers quantity. The option to change the result with your national currency is shown on the green header of the page, it’s a list of currencies from A to Z.

However, if customers have no idea where to go, scrolling down will be the best option to get ideas. Promotions for hotel packages with images and ratings are shown in thumbnails wherein customers can click the option to learn more about the hotel interior, services, reviews, and rates.

Why NOT Get a Room?

I stumbled upon a lot of Get a Room reviews and customers are not really pleased with their services. They are called fraudulent, scammy, misleading advertisers, and we’re asked by other potential customers not to do business with them. On Trustpilot, 132 Get a Rooms reviews gave them only one star for an overall rating. The same goes with 246 reviews on SiteJabber. The reviews posted on these sites are 98% complaints and what makes it worse? Get a Room doesn’t even comment back or say sorry for these proven mistakes.
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How to Get a Room?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             800-468-3578
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   800-895-1160
  • Head Office Address:     3010 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234

We Don’t Need To “Get a Room”

Now, I am convinced after seeing all those Get a Room reviews. We shouldn’t boast that our business is good enough and doesn’t need improvement. When your consumers are getting out of hand, that is when you lose control. Don’t just settle with just enough and never get too comfortable; remember there’s always room for improvement.


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  1. I had to book a room at a local (UK) Holiday Inn Express for my technophobe parents. In Google’s results panel, Getaroom’s link was more prominent than HIE’s, so I clicked on the Getaroom link, thinking I was booking direct with the hotel. That was my mistake.

  2. I thought I was booking directly with the hotel as well and realized my mistake when I was charged over $100 more than what the room was advertised for. My plans changed less than 48 hours later due to movers who did not show up on time and they would not refund my card. They charged me over $500 for 2 nights in a hotel that I never stayed in. These people are TERRIBLE. Please use Expedia or make a phone call and book with the hotel directly.


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