Ghost Towns around the World

Ghost Towns around the World

Ghost Towns around the World-courageFirst thing on Monday we’ll be talking about something eerie. Not to the point you won’t want to read this article. We gathered some of the famous Ghost Towns around the World. Oh! Two of the towns mentioned were already part of our previous list of “Oddest Destinations in the World”. Don’t worry, even you are a scaredy cat like Courage the cowardly dog. The content won’t literally creep you and make you want to hide under your bed sheets. Join me as we discover these Ghost Towns around the World!

1. Pripyat, Ukraine
Once-busy city now abandoned and preserved in time look like a scene from a post-apocalyptic horror film. It’s the 30th anniversary this month of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which dated back on April 26, 1986 wherein technicians conducting a test inadvertently caused reactor number four to explode. Dozens of people were killed and all of remaining 50,000 residents were evacuated in a major government operation starting the day after the catastrophe. It is illegal to take items in or out of Pripyat, because of fears of spreading the radioactive contamination. One brave photographer who took some of these images had said “It really felt like the town had just stopped in 1986”
Ghost Towns around the World-Pripyat, Ukraine1
Ghost Towns around the World-Pripyat, Ukraine2Ghost Towns around the World-Pripyat, Ukraine3
2. Äuli, Switzerland

No this is not a taping of Walking Dead. The town isn’t strictly an abandoned city, but it’s definitely a ghost town. The difference? Äuli was never inhabited in the first place, but rather built by the Swiss government as a military training town, teaching close quarters combat and counterinsurgency tactics. Well, it might look like the best place to shoot Walking Dead but it’s not a good idea though. Instead of the undead, you might encounter the dead.

Äuli is fitted with cameras and patrolled regularly to keep any unwanted visitors away.
Ghost Towns around the World-Äuli, Switzerland1Ghost Towns around the World-Äuli, Switzerland2Ghost Towns around the World-Äuli, Switzerland3
3. Varosha, Cyprus
A completely uninhabited resort city coast is located and known nowadays as a ghost town of the southern section of Famagusta. It was said that Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot had visited this town when it was still operational and the hotel known as “Argo Hotel” was Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite.

What happened to the town? There’s a story behind it. It was actually abandoned after the Turkish invasion. Today, Varosha stands frozen displaying exactly how life was in 1974. At first, we were actually deceived from a far view that it looks like a bustling resort town. But the town is completely dead.
Varosha, Cyprus1Ghost Towns around the World-Varosha, Cyprus3Ghost Towns around the World-Varosha. Cyprus2
4. Centralia, Pennsylvania
The near-ghost town was once a thriving mining community with a population well over two thousand people. But everything changed since a mysterious fire tore through an abandoned strip mine, causing a chain reaction when it broke through a rock pit, setting the rest of the town’s coal mines alight. Despite the tireless efforts of firefighters, the town was unable to quell the flames, and the underground has been raging for 54 years.

No one seems to be positive about how the mine fire started and there has never been an official statement either.
Ghost Towns around the World-Centralia, Pennsylvania1Ghost Towns around the World-Centralia, Pennsylvania2Ghost Towns around the World-Centralia, Pennsylvania3
5. Pompeii, Italy
No ghost town list is complete without the infamous Pompeii. The buried ancient Roman city was the infamous record of the Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D. (2,000 years ago), it had more than 20,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest in the area. 2,000 unlucky souls who had stayed behind were buried, leaving their bodies encased in volcanic debris. Centuries later, archaeologists detected these spaces and gently filled them with plaster, creating molds that chillingly capture their anguished last moments.

Ghost Towns around the World-Pompeii, Italy1Ghost Towns around the World-Pompeii, Italy2Ghost Towns around the World-Pompeii, Italy3

Of course if Pompeii was mentioned, who wouldn’t think of the lost empire beneath the ocean. Yes, we’re talking about Atlantis. As part of Plato’s allegory he had mentioned this island sank into the depths of the sea. Fictional? Mythical? Legends? Who knows, someone might discover Atlantis one day and prove its existence.

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