Goibibo Review

There’s an endless race in the industry of online travel agencies these days. It’s hard to say who’s in the lead, yet many agencies claim they’re the best. Which company will be remembered and trusted by the most people? Any guesses?

Goibibo is one of the young bloods in India as well as in the travel industry. Did Goibibo manage to outrun some of the old timers? Let’s find out.

Birth of Goibibo

Goibibo is a travel company owned and operated by Ibibo online travel agency. Ibibo was founded in January 2007 and Goibibo in 2009. Ibibo is a subsidiary of Naspers in South Africa.

fs_58179Anyway, Ashish Kashyap is the founder and CEO of Ibibo while Sanjay Bhasin is the CEO of Goibibo. Ibibo also owns and operates other travel companies in India like YourBus and Djubos.

According to Goibibo’s “about us” page, they are one of the best online travel aggregators in India. Let’s see if it’s true.

Online Criticism

oQkL12yGoibibo is being bashed on the Internet with negative reviews. On Mouthshut.com, they only got a 1 out of a 5-star rating and most of the reviews gave them 1 star. On Sitejabber.com, the company got a 6% rating. There were only 17 reviews by the time this review was written though, so the ranking might increase or decrease. QQzP5XR

Most of the reviews pertain to the company’s failure in refunding cancelled bookings. One patron was upset when she didn’t receive any money when she was promised 50% back of what she paid. She accused Goibibo of twisting the company policy in order to make more money. Some booking and confirmation processes were misleading, especially when customers didn’t receive any services after paying the required amount.

Fraudulent, hopeless, unreliable, and bad are some of the negative descriptions used by customers to describe the experience they had with Goibibo.

There were some positive reviews saying the Goibibo is the best among travel websites and their website is absolutely user friendly. They were also commended for the cheap deals they provided. However, the negative reviews are inundating the positive ones.

It looks like Goibibo needs to do something about these reviews ASAP.


iYQtNpxThe website of Goibibo is simple easily navigable. Flights, hotels, buses, and vacations can be booked right on the website. They also provide domestic and international deals. They have a special package of “flight+hotel,” wherein customers receive almost 40% discount for booking flight deals and hotel reservations combined.

Booking will just take probably 10 to 15 minutes, but is that booking credible or not?

Their mobile app is available at the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. Through the app, customers can book flights and monitor daily schedules. Managing your bookings is also easy through the app.


Pva9LWSTheir customer support is available 24/7. They have two phone numbers for local and international calls. Their email service is the button that reads “write to us” on the goCare page. Customers can submit inquiries through email, but phone service might be more ideal.

The website has three functions for discussions and comments, they have service request for complaints, a page for forums, and a FAQs page for general information.

In a nutshell

Goibibo is being bombarded by a lot of negative reviews that can cetainly paint a bad reputation for the company, especially when the reviews are well explained. The company’s claim as being one of the best in India isn’t backed by the reviews. Therefore, Goibibo needs to rev up their operations big time to start receiving more positive reviews rather than accusations of malpractice and complaints.

Goibibo’s contact information:

  • Website: https://www.goibibo.com
  • Phone no: 1-860-2-585858/1800-208-1060 within India and +91-9213025552 for international calls
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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