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Groupon Reviews 2017 brand iconGroupon gathers in one online and mobile marketplace a number of small businesses and their services, to attract customers to buy and save with them.

In our Groupon reviews, we take a closer look into the travel service’s main offers and features and what users think of their experience using them.

Background, History, and More Information

Groupon delivers the daily habit to their consumers who trust them to make their lives faster, easier, and cheaper. On Groupon’s website, you can reserve or purchase your choice of things to see, eat, do, or buy in a city of your choice. Using Groupon for your everyday needs has its perks and advantages; the company focuses on customers and connecting businesses within a community, to create a difference.

Groupon Reviews 2017 CEO
Groupon CEO Rich Williams

Mr. Rich Williams has been Groupon’s CEO since June 2015.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Groupon Reviews 2017 customer

We encountered a lot of Groupon reviews on TrustPilot, ConsumerAffairs, and SiteJabber, though most of these Groupon reviews gave the travel service a low rating score. Mostly, reviewers’ problems were with the company’s lousy unhelpful customer service and frequent mistakes in booking, wherein one of the Groupon reviews wrote: “I have tried to get help from customer service and have been unable to resolve my complaint. I will not purchase any more Groupon deals because they no longer sttand behind their guarantee that you will not lose the original purchase price. The last product I bought was not as advertised and not worth the time and expense to return it. I am through with Groupon,” with another of the Groupon reviews saying “Anytime I order “goods” from Groupon , the order is either incorrect, missing something, or says it was delivered and never was. Their customer service is minimal at best and they do not provide any reference numbers for discussions. Too many third party vendors and Gro[uop]on doesn’t take accountability.”

Their Official Website and Main Services and Offers

Groupon Reviews 2017 website

Groupon’s official website features a great number of services you can avail of at a discounted price. From restaurants to beauty and spas to health and fitness to automotive, your daily lifestyle needs are covered. View all the deals: scroll down their homepage to check out what sales they have, your favorite services by city, or avail for coupons for your favorite stuff.

Groupon Reviews 2017 mobile appMeanwhile, users can check out this link here to view Groupon Press. The latter has news and featured articles about Groupon. Groupon visitors can also download the Groupon mobile app from their homepage.

For more information, updates, and offers about Groupon, view their Twitter account here. Groupon can also be followed on their Facebook social media account.

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Concluding Words

Groupon’s main problem involves customer service, like most services. I suggest that they improve this and their online reputation if they do not want to lose more customers and ruin purchases. Many people complain about how irresponsible and inefficient Groupon is in handling customer-related problems or damage care, creating a negative impression on interested customers.

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  1. I use this service and it wasn’t so good. I won’t be using them anymore, you may save but you’re not sure your orders secure


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