Half Water Destinations

Half Water Destinations

As you recall. We once wrote about Top 5 Underwater Restaurants, 5 Best Underground Attractions, Top 5 Rooftop Bars or Restaurants Located in Places You Would Never Imagine. Either on top or at the bottom, those destinations mentioned are naturally wonderful. Today, have you thought of a half water destination? Not yet? Then you definitely should see the Half Water Destinations!


Half Water Destinations-Danish CoastIn 2015, the sea festival in Aarhus, Denmark. Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter, a sculpture by Danish architect studio have added an infinity bridge to a picturesque coastal landscape over the Danish coast.

The infinite bridge has a diameter of 60 meters and is positioned half on the beach and half in the sea. It consists of 60 identical wooden elements placed on steel pillars housed about two meters into the sea floor.The deck of the bridge rises between one and two meters above the water surface depending on the tide. Half Water Destinations-Danish CoastThe curvature of the bridge follows the contours of the landscape as it sits at the mouth of a small river valley extending into the forest from the beach.

In addition to unfolding the seaside panorama, The Infinite Bridge establishes a connection between the present and the history of the specific site, as it reconnects the beach to a long forgotten viewpoint at sea.


Half Water Destinations-Maldives SunbathingOkay, I over mentioned Maldives all the time. Can’t help it, it’s really a great place for an escapade. You got to admit that too.

The sun-soaked island is perfect for any time of year. You can walk hand in hand on the soft white sand and splash around on the shore while feeling the tropical warm Indian Ocean between your toes, maybe get a little adventurous and going scuba diving to witness all the beauty the ocean has to offer.

And if you are wondering if topless sunbathing is allowed in Maldives, please be reminded that Maldives is a Muslim country, so there are various restrictions imposed on clothing.


Half Water Destinations-Grüner SeeAt first glance, you would think that this destination is just a diving spot because it seems to show a scuba diver exploring the depths of an underwater world. You are right and wrong. Why?

But if you look more carefully you will see a tree, a bridge and even a park bench. In fact these incredible images show a diver traversing an Austrian lake that floods every year, covering everything in the surrounding area. Half Water Destinations-Grüner SeeThis is an underwater park created every year when snow melts from surrounding mountains. Amazing!

Set among the snowy Karst mountains, the Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria is normally only one meter deep.

For most of the year, visitors to the beauty spot can leisurely stroll around the picturesque lagoon, enjoying the stunning landscape from one of the benches set near the water’s edge.

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