Hamad International Airport Reviews

Hamad International Airport Reviews

Hamad International Airport Reviews-FIFA World Cup in 2022The host of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which has the capital which defines “roundness”: Doha (Ad Dawha). Well, we all know that Qatar is a desert where people’s language is Arabic: a place where weekends fall on Friday and Saturday, and you must dress modestly as a sign of respect to their local customs and culture. Qatar as a country has been popular since they have the Top 1 airline in the world: Qatar Airways. Who wouldn’t want to fly with the best airline in the world? In this review, let us check the main hub of the airline, Hamad International Airport.

Note: Do not confuse the former Doha International Airport with Hamad International Airport (DOH), since Doha International Airport was demolished and redeveloped as a new urban project called “Al Sahan City.”


facilitiesThe country has the highest GDP per capita and, according to Business Insider, Qatar has a lot of money since they are the oil giant. The international airport of Doha, Qatar, is generous too when it comes to their facilities. To start off are their complimentary Internet kiosks and desks where travellers can browse the net with class using Macs, and stay connected using electronic devices with their unlimited WiFi access throughout the passenger terminals by connecting to “Free Internet by HIA.”

There are four foreign exchange kiosks located throughout the airport that offer currency exchange and money transfer services. Two are found in the departures area, one in the check-in area – Row 9, and the other towards Concourse B, near Marché restaurant. The remaining two are in the Arrivals area:  one in the baggage claim area – towards the end of Belt 3, and the other is in the hall meet-and-greet area which is adjacent to Al Maha Lounge.

Hamad International Airport Reviews-duty freeSmoking Rooms to maintain a smoke-free environment, Prayer Rooms to pay your respect, hotel desks for hotel reservations and assistance, and well-staffed 24-hour medical centers located in the Arrivals hall just before the Passport Control area, while the other is in the Departures hall near the Check-in area. For emergencies, passengers can directly call their medical team at (+974) 4010 9222.

For the list of shops located in Hamad International Airport, click here.


transportationAt Hamad International Airport, there are a variety of transport options including car rental, limousines, taxi, and bus. To have more specific directions depending on the type of transportation, please refer to the link below: http://dohahamadairport.com/airport-guide/to-from-the-airport

Well, Hamad International Airport like we mentioned is as generous as its country of origin; they also value travelling time well-spent while at the airport. They even created an exclusive page for customers – from boarding, security check to transferring and connecting flights. Here’s the link for the page:

Location – Traffic – Service

Hamad International Airport Reviews-Qatar AirwaysThe new international airport of Doha since 2005 is located about 9 km (5.5 miles) southeast of central Doha, and it is also the new hub of Qatar Airways. It runs from 2 runways, and operates with only one terminal consisting of Concourse A to E. Just so you know, this runway is the longest runway in Western Asia and one of the longest runways in the world. The Hamad International Airport serves domestic and international flights via 36 international airlines apart from Qatar Airways. Last year, DOH had accommodated a total of 31 million passengers.

Airport/Terminal Map
Hamad International Airport Reviews-map

Hamad International Airport Reviews and News

The Hamad International Airport reviews are not as prestigious as they are world-renowned for, since they garnered a total rating of 4/10 out of 215 Hamad International Airport reviews. Just imagining that makes my heart break in two. Well, I expected an at least 8/10 score rating, but guess I over expected. On a positive note, the most recent comments regarding DOH seem to be appreciating the airport in some ways. However, I am not quite sure if “most recent” is the right term for that since the feedback are dated back to 2014. Have a closer look here.

Last month, Hamad International Airport had experienced some problems with long lines at the airport specifically at the passport control, all because of employee shortage. Given the airport has 50 check-in counters, some Hamad International Airport reviews say that some counters are unmanned. Others said they waited for like three hours. To read the full story and to get in touch with the latest news and updates about DOH, click here.
Hamad International Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:             DOH
  • Contact Email:           info@dohahamadairport.com
  • Phone Number:         +974 4010 6666
  • Website URL:            dohahamadairport.com
  • Address:                      Doha, Qatar or access this


Just imagine: a massive 31 million travelers, and yet Hamad International Airport was able to accommodate all of them? Slow clap of amusement for the airport. Hamad International Airport reviews might be their downside, but for me? I guess it’s not really that easy to accommodate a massive number of passengers. Well, being positive, at least they never gave up and still plan to expand in time.

Feel free to share your experience below, if you have been at Hamad International Airport.


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  1. I had a layover at Hamad Doha Airport while flying from Singapore to Munich as well as Berlin to Singapore. Airport is very clean, staff are very helpful and friendly, and customs was cleared very quickly. Hamad Doha Airport also has a good view of the tarmac near its food court. I will definitely recommend this airport to friends and family.


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