Haneda Airport Reviews​​

Haneda Airport Reviews

Before the existence of Haneda Airport, aviators in Tokyo used the various beaches of Tokyo Bay as airstrips, including beaches near the current site of Haneda. It is soon then, that in 1930,  the Japanese postal ministry purchased a 48-hectare (120-acre) portion of waterfront land from a private individual in order to construct an airport which is more commonly known nowadays as Haneda Airport (HND).

During World War II, Haneda Airport shifted to almost-exclusive military transport services. And, it was also used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service for flight training during the war. It is one of the two primary airports that serve Tokyo; let’s discover more about HND.

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With an airport that can accommodate more than 70 million passengers, there should be a lot of facilities. Well, the good news is there are a lot. To start, they have information desks in each terminal. Also, information telephones are located at various points within the terminals and operate 24 hours a day. Tourist information is available from a kiosk on the second level of the International Terminal.

Restrooms are found throughout the airport, while there are 15 shower rooms located in the international terminal, arrivals hall. Good news? Towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hairdryer are provided. This facility is open for 24 hours, as well.

Haneda Airport Reviews-restaurantsThere is a wide choice of cafés, bars, and restaurants offering both Japanese and international cuisine. There is a particularly large selection of eateries on the fourth level of the International Terminal, ranging from small sushi bars to a French bistro. Duty-free shopping is available for international passengers in the departure area of the International Terminal. Gift shops offer a range of local and international items, souvenirs, and branded gifts, and there are also outlets selling convenience goods.

Smoking is allowed in designated smoking rooms found throughout the airport. Haneda Airport is operational for 24 hours and has free WiFi throughout the airport by connecting to the “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI” network.


Getting to and from Haneda Airport can be done by means of driving. From central Tokyo, the airport complex is reached via the Metropolitan Expressway No. 1 Haneda Route and then the Bayshore route, which passes the airport terminals. Passengers can also travel by public transportation: Keikyu Line from the underground and The Tokyo Monorail line for rail. Taxis are readily available outside the terminal buildings.

Location – Traffic – Service

Haneda Airport is located around 14 km (9 miles) south of central Tokyo, and operates as the hub for Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Air Do, and Solaseed Air. The public international airport that serves the Greater Tokyo Area has 3 terminals and 4 runways. HND had successfully accommodated 72,826,862 passengers in 2014.
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Airport/Terminal Map

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Haneda Airport Reviews and News

Despite the number or volume of passengers coming in and out of the airport everyday, customers commented positive feedback about HND. 46 Haneda Airport reviews state that the airport staff are friendly. The continuous development of the airport had attracted more customers to keep flying with them day by day.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:            HND
  • Phone Number:       +81 3-5757-8111
  • Website URL:           http://www.haneda-airport.jp/inter/en/
  • Address:                    Hanedakuko, Ota, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan


As for the airport that ranks up to the 4th spot this year at World’s Top 100 Airlines on Skytrax, Haneda Airport had been consistent in their service. Japan sure has a lot to give. We should know that not only on airports and airlines, but also through other things, Japan has been outstanding. Let us not forget their technology is one of the best in the world, plus their politeness.

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