Happyrooms Reviews

Happyrooms Reviews

Happyrooms Reviews-Kirill MakharinskyI found out about Happyrooms in a not-so-happy way. Complaints are showing side by side regarding how Happyrooms’ service works and fools other customers. In this review, we’ll be checking if the rumors are actually legit experiences of consumers or if they just really rumors. Let’s take a closer look at Happyrooms.

The best we can get about the origin of Happyrooms is based on their Linkedin registration. Happyrooms is under Emerging Travel Inc. which was launched in 2011 by the founder and CEO, Mr. Kirill Makharinsky. Apart from that information there were not much stories discussed about Happyrooms.

What is Happyrooms?

Happyrooms Reviews-featuresThey provide the quickest and easiest booking for customers by the help of their hotel supply team in Russia. What makes them different and lower in offer than directly booking on the hotel’s website is they don’t charge a commission and its because hotels in European cities sell their own rooms via travel sites at a lower price than they do via their own websites.

Happyrooms made their page easy to navigate, concise and direct. It promptly provides the option to search for a specific hotel or a city location of the hotel reservation preferred by the traveler. Happyrooms searches not only from 400,000 hotels but also shows results for apartments and hostels. Customers have the option initially to compare prices on similar sites or no, by checking or unchecking the box right below the number of adults/children selection bar.

Happyrooms Reviews-keyHappyrooms also had extended their services via mobile application, though it’s only available for iOS users or Apple devices.

They were once being recognized as “Best Internet Service” by National Geographic Traveler Awards.

Happyrooms Reviews of Consumers

Customers are not so happy judging through their experiences and feedback on SiteJabber, Trustpilot and other feedback sites. Based on 4 Happyrooms reviews, the most recent commenters were really mad about how things went with the hotel booking site. One reviewer even said “Do not use them, they can’t be trusted!” and he even titled his review “Scam!!!”.

However, we noticed on Trustpilot, Happyrooms is replying to each complaint posted which leaves them on a positive note somehow. But that obviously wasn’t enough to calm the customer from their loss. Trustpilot displayed the head office of Happyrooms as (3500 S. DuPont Hwy, 19901 Dover, United States) which actually roots the main concern of consumers figuring out where they are really originated or based from.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             http://www.happyrooms.com
  • Contact Number:       +44 20 3514-2449
  • Contact Email:           hi@happyrooms.com

*We weren’t able to locate their exact head office address, because it’s just nowhere to be found. Not even Happyrooms’ About Us page provides information of where the company is based at. But if the area code is in “+44 20”, that’s actually for London. We don’t want to assume they are based in London, however it’s quite suspicious as to why there are no specific headquarters provided for Happyrooms. (Apart from what was listed on Trustpilot)


After reading and writing about facts gathered about Happyrooms, we are not convinced with the overall description and approach of the hotel booking site. First, it’s not even on Wikipedia. Second, even the founder doesn’t give time to make a short description about the hotel search engine. Third, it’s just really plain confusing and questionable.

Have you booked with Happyrooms? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. I booked with happyrooms.com, and am now one of the many people grossly dissatisfied with this company. My booking was fully paid for, yet summarily cancelled a month afterwards because happyrooms said that the booking looked “suspicious”. Several emails later they have never even tried to explain what they mean by this. Nor have they answered my repeated questions regarding where they are based (Trustpilot’s site gives a purported address in Dover, USA, but the telephone number doesn’t match the address, there is no mention of Happyrooms if you google the address, and the written English expression of the people sending the emails in no way indicates an English-speaking country.) Someone on Trustpilot made the suggestion that Happyrooms cancelled his/her booking when it discovered the price it was advertising was obsolete and it risked losing money; I had the same suspicion about my booking, as all the other booking sites were charging about $15 extra for the same-grade room. Well, I wish I had booked with one of them… at least, then I may have actually got the room! I notice with interest that Happyrooms is no longer in the list of hotelscombined.com’s “trusted partners”. Maybe that site found out what this mob is doing with its customers’ bookings! I would suggest to potential Happyrooms customers that they first read the list of reviews on Trustpilot’s page; they nearly all have the same story to tell, bookings made and paid for that simply never happened, and Happyrooms claiming a technical hitch or errors made by someone else. Some had worse experiences than we did: at least one had to fight to get a refund, whereas all that happened to us was that we had to trawl the streets of a foreign town at night looking for a place to stay (the hotel thought that WE had cancelled the booking, and had since filled). In its communications with us, Happyrooms likes to use the word “suspicious”; I would say that is a very apt term to describe the business practices of this company!


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