Haunting at Captain Tony’s saloon

Captain Tony’s saloon is in Keywest, Florida, the bar was built in 1851 but at that time it was an ice house and the city morgue,  and has had its share good times since then, not to mention the rock royalty and literary genius’. Ernest Hemmingway was known to go there when he lived in Key West, not only him but Tennessee Williams, Shel Silverstein and believe it or not but the first time Jimmy buffett sang for money was on the bar’s stage.

Bob Dylan still stops by for impromptu performances now and again. The history of the bar alone is enough to draw spirits out, and not just the kind you drink. The bar’s history is torn with lynchings, accidents, and yes even murder.

So why do people think it is haunted? Well let’s take a look at that now, throughout the twentieth century the bar has grown. It seems the owners can’t find a place to expand unless people have died there. There is a tree that it was built around and it is sticking out of the roof, the creepy thing is, that eighteen people were hanged from the tree in the 1800s. Seventeen out of eighteen were hung for piracy.

The one that was not, was a women who had killed her husband and two sons, and chopped up the bodies and put them in the back yard. The people next door seen this, and called others. The crowd turned into a lynch mob and dragged the lady to the hanging tree. She is now known as the lady in blue because she was wearing a blue dress and is the most seen and famous ghost at the bar.

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The souvenir from under the floor.

The billiard room is built  over a grave site and the walls were filled with holy water. While doing some remodeling they tore up the old floor and found the remains of eight to fifteen bodies. A skeletal souvenir from the find is hanging behind the bar to this day. Also, there was grave marker for a young woman named Elvira which was found and is exposed in the floor next to a pool table.

Elvira grave stone in the floor

Many people have heard or seen things in the bar, such as doors slamming, voices, and even apparitions. Some people have been lucky enough to grab a photo of the lady in blue and claim that it is not just her in the photos. One of the best stories comes from a man named Joe Faber He has heard a voice two times and both times he thinks it was to be helpful.

the hanging tree
The hanging tree

The first time he had left the doors in the back of the bar unlocked and the voice  just said “Hey Joe”, he got up to look and see who was there and noticed he did not lock the doors yet, as if to remind him to lock up.  The seconded time he heard the voice it said ” Don’t Leave” He did not think much of it until he got home and got a call at five in the morning saying a young girl had committed suicide in front of the bar. Faber states that he thinks if he had stayed he might have been able to help the girl. So I guess in the end you can choose to believe it or not but maybe you should stop by if you’re ever around to see for yourself, never know you might meet the lady in blue.


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