Helloworld Review

Most travel sites have distinct similarities when compared to others, because of the travel products they promote. Apart from that, they have affiliations with traditional travel companies especially when creating package deals that they present on their website.

One of the many travel sites in the world is Helloworld, the name is simple yet catchy.

Say hello to Helloworld

Helloworld is a retail brand of Helloworld Limited, Inc and was founded in 1999. Helloworld is a travel agent for Helloworld Limited. It was created to expand their services worldwide. They started in Australia and now, they provide services to the US and countries in Asia.

074032-3e43d0a2-3a13-11e4-b128-040667c16e4aHelloworld Limited operates other brands like Jetset Travel, Travelworld, Qantas Holidays, Rail Tickets, and more. The Elizabeth Gaines is the CEO of the travel company. Gaines worked with some of the best companies in the world like Stella Group and Ernst & Young.



BeIgCvFTheir website presents accommodations for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and holiday packages. The originally provided services to travelers from Australia wanting to explore the world.

The design of Helloworld.com is pretty simple and booking accomodations is very easy. Add to that, there’s no online booking fees. All you have to do is type your travel preferences and deals immediately show up. They also present a gallery of hotel deals on the homepage with the price rates on the side. However, the price rates aren’t fixed and are likely to change.

For self service like sending confirmations and alter the itinerary, customers need to sign in or if they’re new to the online travel website, they need to create a new account on Helloworld.com.

Customer Service

Their phone support for inquiries about flights, hotels, and car rentals is available 24/7 for local and international travelers. Their customer service page is extensive and easy to navigate. The page has a search bar so you can search for the information you need by typing in phrases relevant to that search. They also welcome feedback from customers so they can gauge their operations in the future.

Online Ratings

F1ovPtAHelloworld got good ratings on Trustpilot and Productreview. Their rating on Trustpilot is 8.8 out of a 10-star rating and 3.5 out of a 5-star rating on Productreview. dlMKZvR

Most of the reviews are complimenting the site’s cheap prices and user-friendly interface. Their refund policy also received good feedback for being fast and credible.

However, there were a lot of complaints about their customer service. Customer said that the customer support was unreliable and hard to reach. Some of the reviews even said that the representatives of Helloworld are not well trained. There were also complaints about simple mistakes committed by the company like wrong spelling of the surnames, which forces travelers to make another booking. Hassle, indeed!

Anyway, positive reviews are overpowering the negative ones, and that’s a good thing.

Will Helloworld keep this momentum or will their operation decline in the near future?

Final Thoughts

The company is in good shape and was able to gain loyal customers. But they really need to do something about their customer service and cluttered website design. Specific improvements are definitely needed!

Contact Helloworld:

  • Website URL: http://www.helloworld.com.au/
  • Phone number: 1800 198 455 (Local calls) +61 2 8520 3545 (International calls)
  • Headquarters (Helloworld Limited): 3, 77 Berry St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

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