Hidden Paradise around the World

There are several travel destinations information uploaded to the Internet or promoted on TV. It’s a lot easier for people to choose where they want to go just by browsing the net, reading magazines or turning on the TV.

Why not discover new places, engage on new experiences and see the world in a different way? Familiarity is a good thing, but sometimes, something hidden is way better.

Here’s a list of some of the most amazing paradises most travelers have no idea of.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most astounding parks in all of Southeast Europe. The rich biodiversity of the area and the amazing waterfalls scattered along the land will leave people speechless.


Smoo Cave in Scotland

Smoo Cave: Second ChamberAt first you might find yourself scared of the place because of the surroundings and the ambiance. No worries you will surely come to love this place after you gaze upon the hidden small waterfall. The main entrance of the cave expanded in size due to water action and is considered as the largest sea cave entrance in the world. The second chamber is where you will find the waterfall that illuminates due to the sunlight passing through a sinkhole.

Gruner See or Green Lake in Austria

green-lake-tragoss-austria_74415_990x742The emerald green water shows a great reflection of the landforms that surrounds the area. The ideal time to visit the lake is during the season of spring after the the snow from Karst mountain melts and turns into clear water. Make sure to bring your snorkel or scuba gears to see the amazing underwater surrounding of the lake. 

Treehouse Point in USA

treehouse-wedding-01Our greatest memories when we were young are the ones we had on our treehouse. Relive that memory of yours by seeking shelter at the Treehouse Point hotel. This hotel in Washington offers big rooms above ground and facilities. Roam around the entire area through ladders and hanging bridges. Several couples said their vows in this place. 


Sark, Channel Islands in France

sark_1_718x281Embrace nature by touring the Sark’s shorelines far from the noisy world. There are no passing vehicles in the passage that lead to the island so individuals can fully relax. The entire area consists of old farms and a small village that exercise the English lifestyle.

Kirkjufell in Iceland

Kirkjufell - West Iceland

A vista of panoramic greenfields and amazing landforms is what awaits travelers in Kirkjufell. The Kirkjufell is one of the most mystifying mountains with its natural swirl formation. Small waterfalls and beaches blend in well with the land, the place is like God’s painting. A long walk along the trail is all you need to enter a state of calmness.

Cano Cristales in Colombia

cano-cristales-colombiaThe Cano Cristales, also known as the “River of Five Colors,” is hidden in the town of La Macarena. The river is like a liquid form of a rainbow that flows over the Guiana shield (some of the oldest rocks in this world). There’s no mystery about the color of the river, the Macarenia clavígera plant species adds the bright pigment to the river. The river is only accessible through air travel.

These are just some of the hidden gems scattered all over the world. This list is just to get you started and ignite the wanderlust inside you.

Travel, visit magnificent places, experience something new and you gain the best memories you could ever have in your life.


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  1. That green lake in Austria very unique. A park/lake, I would love to go scuba diving or just plain swimming. It would be cool to see a whole area submerge by water


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