Guiddoo World Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 brand icon

Guiddoo World Travel Guide App Reviews 2017

Guiddoo World Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 Origins and Ownership The Guiddoo World Travel Guide app is known to give the world’s travellers a useful, convenient, and easy-to-use travel guide. What they offer differently is their offline and audio guide […]


EgyptAir Reviews

EgyptAir Reviews EgyptAir traces its roots back to 1932; this idea sprung when the chairman of Airwork, Alan Muntz, visited Egypt and came up with an idea to start a new airline in the country. The beginning of EgyptAir was […]


AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks Reviews AirTreks’ slogan is “The World, Your Journey.” Their aim is not only to help customers customize the best route for their particular travel needs, they’re also set up to assist customers while on the road and throughout their […]


EVA Air Reviews

EVA Air Reviews During the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Evergreen Marine Corporation’s founding in September 1988, chairman Chang Yung-fa announced his company’s intentions to establish Taiwan’s first private international airline.  EVA Airways Corporation was formally established in March […]


Adioso Reviews

Adioso Reviews Adioso traces its roots back in January 2008 to a self taught programmer, Fenn Bailey and his business partner, Tom Howard. Tom and Fenn had a trip to Thailand with friends in November of 2006 using Jetstar That’s […]


Whichbudget Review

An idea you had in the past may be your ticket to your biggest break. Like Peter Higgs when he proposed a paper for a new subatomic particle in 1964 called the higgs boson. He was rejected at first then […]


Best Chinese food, Burger and Pizza joints in USA

The best things in life are free, not all of them. USA is home of thousands of great diners, food trucks, restaurants and fast food branches. The best food choices are burgers, pizza and chinese food. Pizza originated from Italy […]


Haunting at Captain Tony’s saloon

Captain Tony’s saloon is in Keywest, Florida, the bar was built in 1851 but at that time it was an ice house and the city morgue,  and has had its share good times since then, not to mention the rock […]