HomeToGo Reviews

HomeToGo Reviews

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Patrick Andrae

The German metasearch engine to find holiday homes and apartments traces its roots back to 2014 with their current CEO,  Dr. Patrick Andrae.

How Does HomeToGo Work?

From the name itself, HomeToGo will mean a place like a home to go to or use as common home rentals. HomeToGo is a search engine for bookers looking for apartments and house owners which even offers individual needs. They even provide family, friend or romantic types of accommodation. How does HomeToGo work? They promise to provide the best options for their customers.

They provide different type of vacations: either an occasion plan or a surprise event accommodation. It’s part of their mission to help their customers find the best deal according to the customer’s request or suggestion.

Looking through HomeToGo, a search bar is shown on the main page; customers are given the option to search from 7,427,447 properties or from over 250 vacation rental providers. A pop-up will also appear if travellers want to avail for a reduced price up to 75%, but it will require them to register. Though it’s free, it’s still sounds quite tricky. Moreover, HomeToGo gives an actual list of their travel search engine buddies at the center of the page.

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Once the customer actually had found their dream rental, they simply have to click on the link to be redirected to their partner’s website and complete the booking.

As they had proclaimed, “they are the world’s largest search engine for holiday homes, apartments, villas, and cottages.” But, it’s not that reliable since they are not even part of the top online travel agencies. HomeToGo has said they’ll offer 40% savings if you book with them, since they’ll give results from other travel websites which is obviously not a right way to promote travel accommodations.

HomeToGo also provides the top destinations and their most-booked vacation rentals. And, for travellers who want to change the language of HomeToGo, the option is found at the bottom right of the page. Moreover, HomeToGo also has a mobile app in which all the PC services are also available.

HomeToGo Reviews of Consumers

We tried reading through several HomeToGo reviews and all we found are complaints. Not just some but most of the customer feedback we found are actually all about the bad experiences they had with HomeToGo. HomeToGo even got an overall rating of ⅕ from consumers. One of the most recent posts said that HomeToGo is a not a legit company, but a money-stealing travel agency that didn’t show any form of business ethics. She lost around $100 just for an unbooked transaction.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                   https://www.hometogo.com/
  • Contact Number:             49 030 20847396
  • Contact Email:                wishlist@hometogo.com
  • Fax Number:                    49 030 208473260
  • Head Office Address:     Sonnenburger Strasse 73, Berlin, 10437, Germany


Based on HomeToGo reviews and facts we saw online directly from their consumers, it is quite obvious that HomeToGo is not one of the best travel sites you should trust with your booking. A friend of mine once tried to book with them and backed out just before he placed the booking. He noticed there were glitches on the web page’s features and it doesn’t feel safe.


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