HostelBookers Reviews

HostelBookers Reviews

HostelBookers is a British hotel and hostel agency which helps customers find the cheapest and nearest hotels, hostels and B&B appropriate to their preferred vacation place. It started its operations in the year 1993 but was launched in London in 2004 with over 120 employees. Let me take you to a tour and learn more about HostelBookers.


The founder and current CEO of HostelBookers is Mr. Kingsley Duffy. Mr. Duffy is a 44-year old British-national entrepreneur. He was also the reason why HostelBookers merged with Web Reservations International (WRI) in 2013 because Mr. Duffy is sitting on the Board of Directors of WRI.
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HostelBookers’ has recently updated their layout design. A wise move to upgrade their very confusing page before, which was once a top complaint of first time users. Options to search for Hotels, Hostels, Apartments and Guesthouses are too small to read. However, HostelBookers promotion list of Top 20 Destinations categorized by Hotel or Hostel had changed and was moved to the bottom part.

The Travel-Mobile Application

HostelBookers Reviews-mobile appThe mobile app of HostelBookers provides customers the option to book hotels, youth hostels and B&B reservations over 3,500 destinations and 20,000 hotel and hostel properties worldwide using smartphones. Pretty much similar to the PC version features. These apps are available in iOS and Android.

However despite the new mobile app for HostelBookers, the app keeps getting negative feedback every now and then, directly in the Google Play store page.

Email service is no longer shown on their newly updated site where customers were once offered to receive the latest Travel Deals up to 50% off. But in exchange of that, they had created a separate blog to inspire customers to more destinations worldwide. However, I don’t see how does it benefit like their usual offer.

Hostelbookers Reviews of the Consumers

Looking, scanning and reading through different Hostelbookers reviews, tons of complaints about fraud and scam feedback are showing directly from their customers. One reviewer said he reserved a room two weeks ago and HostelBookers sent him a confirmation email and he checked his bank, he got charged for it too.

HostelBookers Reviews-complaintsHowever when he arrived, he discovered that the hotel was long closed. He wrote several emails because he couldn’t find any contact service number and he emailed to rebook the same transaction on a different hotel and beg them to call him.

HostelBookers didn’t call back but just replied to his email by giving him a link to another website which he could have done by himself. He was angry that proper accommodation wasn’t done, he was charged and he got to pay another hotel reservation because HostelBookers never processed his refund till now. He named the review “Never again be fooled.” and gave them a 1 out 5 rating.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 +353 (0) 1 5245800
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        44 20 7406 1801
  • Head Office Address:         High Holborn House 52-54 High Holborn London WC1V,
                                                    6RL United Kingdom

Points To Reconsider

In this HostelBookers review I advise them to change some of their page fonts and outlook because I personally had a hard time navigating through it. I have good eyesight and I’m not technically challenged, maybe trying to improve how it works will really help your customers. I hope you don’t find this offensive but it’s just a suggestion. Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. HostelBookers has come through for me all over the world, from last minute accommodation for the work Christmas party to a few days shopping in New York and a whole lot of beach front properties in Australia. A few clicks and I’m sorted. Love it.


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