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Life became a lot easier with the introduction of online travel websites. Search engines that show travel deals provided by airlines, car companies, hotels, restaurants and other travel companies. The good thing about these deals is the lower price rates. However, there are also risks involved when booking with these travel sites, why? Because they’re imperfect just like humans. It’s really simple, travel sites just like humans, make this world a better place. However, they are also the source of severe headaches and regrets. Too negative?

Hotwire is among the many travel sites in operation these days. Let’s see if they manage to make the world a better place or the other way around with their travel services.


Hotwire was established in 2000 and is under the umbrella company Expedia. Their mission is to provide “unbeatable” cheap price rates on all their travel products. Take note “unbeatable,” meaning they’re the best. Is it over confidence or they’re just really dedicated?

The CEO of Hotwire is Expedia’s President and CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi.

Let’s see if online reviews from customers can provide credibility for their “unbeatable” price rates.

Online Reviews

Well, after visiting some websites who created a page for Hotwire reviews, I have to say that the company is in a hot zone right now.

TngvEeQOn Trustpilot, they got a 0.6 out of a 10-star rating and a 1 out of a 5 on Consumeraffairs. Most of the negative reviews complains about Hotwire’s failure to fully process their flight deals and unjustified extra fees. According to some reviews, their “unbeatable” price rates isn’t true at all. Their car rental services was also targeted for being misleading and unreliable.


One traveler shared her experience with Hotwire. She was never able to get a confirmation from the company. She didn’t receive a refund from a hotel reservation she didn’t avail. Add to that, it took her 45 minutes to get in touch with a customer representative who disconnected the call.

There were also some positive reviews about their customer service being efficient but the negative reviews overwhelmed most of the good things said about the company.

Despite the negative reviews, Toptenreviews rated the company 7.48 out of a 10. It’s hard to determine whether the negative reviews were just prejudiced views. However, it’s impossible for hundreds of reviews to be one sided.


Osh4MkzThe website is organized and easy to navigate. Travelers can avail flight deals, hotel reservations, car hires, and vacation packages. They even display cheap hotel deals on the homepage with pictures. Nothing really new about their website, everything is market standard.


Mobile App

hotwiredeals-app-Their mobile application is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. It’s an easier way to book travel deals.

Customer Assistance

For additional inquiries, customers can easily open the help page on their website to gain access to helpful information about how to process their bookings and other policies. They have designated phone numbers for each country they serve. They also have a phone number for customers who are currently flying.

Customers can send emails through the help page, they just need to fill out the information needed and their message to the company.


With the negative reviews, Hotwire finds themselves in thin ice. Given the backlash of the negative feedback, it’s hard to bounce back from these and it will take a lot of time for improvements to be felt by customers.

Hotwire’s contact information:

  • Website:
  • Phone No: click here to open phone directory (1-866-468-9473 for US and Canada)
  • Email support: click here to open email support form

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  1. My experience with Hotwire was both good and awful. My flight deal from San Francisco to Tokyo didn’t have any problem. But my hotel booking was a disaster. I booked the hotel reservation 1 month before my flight everything was finalized, then after maybe 3 to 4 hours of my arrival, a representative called me and told me that my room won’t be ready until two more days. I had to find a new hotel and it was exhausting.


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